Past Work

  • Installation, configuration and upgrade of the tools referred to here
  • Created numerous publically-available JIRA plugins including CreateAndLink and Timecharts
  • Original author of the Mercurial plugin for JIRA
  • Other work includes complex custom fields, workflow functions, permissions based on different criteria, customization of email recipient lists
  • Email handler customization
  • Integration with Active Directory and the use of https for secure connections
  • Training on JIRA and advanced configuration
  • Beta tester for WANdisco's JIRA Multisite product
  • Customization of the JIRA Issues plugin to add more columns of data
  • Integration of Confluence with JIRA plugins
  • Modification of data during upgrades
  • Integration with Active Directory and the use of https for secure connections
Data Migration
  • Modification of the standard JIRA Bugzilla importer to support custom fields
  • Modification of importers to support migration of data from ClearQuest
  • Migration from custom database schemas using the CSV importer
Version Control
  • Conversions from CVS to Subversion
  • Upgrading Subversion to version 1.5
  • Integration of Subversion with Active Directory for user authentication
  • Custom repository hooks to perform specific authorization checks including checking branches, message contents and authors
Build Systems
  • SCons-based build systems for eight clients as of 2008
  • Substantial numbers of C, C++ and Java files with complex generated dependencies and multiple target platforms
  • Interaction with large third-party codebases including Trillium and Cavium
  • Unit tests, functional tests, labels, distribution all included in the build systems
  • Performance analysis of build systems
Automated Builds
  • Bamboo from Atlassian
  • Parabuild from Viewtier Systems
  • Familiar with Buildbot, Hudson, Pulse and others
  • Creation of TWiki plugins to query a PostgresSQL database and display the data using existing chart macros
  • Conversion of existing pages from JSPWiki to Confluence
  • Various JSPWiki macros