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About Me


Approx. 13 years of substantial business experience within the greater Lansing area and throughout the country working with businesses... in some form or other helping them with Marketing, Finance, etc...
Prompt and ability to improve self and organization.   

I took some time off. Traveled to Egypt, CA - LA/SF, FL etc. Explored the Military August 06-July 08. I also helped my family during a time of crisis. During which time I pursued personal business goals and writing.
Attempting to establish over 100 businesses with my side time while Consulting.

NEW OBJECTIVE: Using my experience in business to further grow within a challenging environment.

George S. May, Williamston Schools

I have in my career worked with some small companies such as a bookstore when I was in High school which taught me some lessons and allowed me to see the workings of a small business. A few others would follow in my time. However, I also had the privilege of working at 5 different BILLION dollar companies as well and in different sectors. From a Consulting point of view this is important. Retail, Media, 2 Financial and another Retail along with my time early on with Manufacturing.

One of my earliest Positions includes:
8/97-9/98    Financial Advisor, American Express Financial Advisors Inc.
A Financial Advisor responsible for bringing in and managing clients assets and risk management to meet financial goals with a focus on small business planning. Won Mercury award for a class leader in fees and sales. Selected to enter a team practice with the #1 advisor in client satisfaction in Mid Michigan.

Began writing for publication class during High School
First full time job out of high school was for a manufacturing facility, immediately began implementing shipping and receiving computerized system. Which in 95 was not very common.
I am never satisfied with status quo.

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