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Interior Designs by Jermyn Church 

What's new in design and the digital culture?

What's important about a first impression within your office? Well you want functionality and pizazz? Let our team of professionals design or spruce up your office as a part of our consulting experience!

From Chicago to New York... you can have your interiors designed.

From professional to modern... we can provide your touch to your home and office.

Home preparation for resale.
 1. When you're ready to show your home have your listing agent call us to allow the highest price possible and a quick sale
 2. We will prepare a list of items to have in your home and what we recommend you remove. Then simply call us for pre-showings.

For example: Remove any furniture that may make your room look small and eliminate some items from a cluttered wall. Reorganize closets to make them look larger... for a detailed list of ideas order our preparation for resale service and we will visit your home to ensure it's looking it's best!

At the closing of your home, our service is charged with a prepayment option available. $295 Prepaid or $495 ONLY if it closes!

We provide Preshowing touchups and professional cleaning services if needed. 95 for both or 45 for just the touchup. (for clients who use our home preparation service)