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Providing Organisational Development (OD), Support, Management and Information Communications Technology (ICT) Consulting Services

CONSULTANCY SUPPORT SERVICES (CS2) is an organisational development, support, management and Information Communications Technology (ICT) consulting firm that provides solutions that help our client's to confidently investigate, explore, establish and capitalise on business and other opportunities in West Africa.  We assist our public, private and civil society clients to develop the desired relationships, advance alliances and cost effectively secure the needed support structures and services to manage their activities optimally and achieve their stated goals.  Our aim is to provide the professional services needed to assist our clients to use us in Abuja, Nigeria as a launch pad for their Nigerian and West African bases and provide our clients and others with the flexibility of not having an office and simply use the Virtual Office Services as their starting point.   Our strengths include:

HUMAN RESOURCE:  At CS2, ours is an organisation peopled by a team of “Resourceful Managers” with sound academic qualification and strong bias in the generation, sharing and utilisation of knowledge. Being the knowledge workers we are and familiar with the cutting edge in Information and Communications Technology, our strengths lie in generating and applying innovative ideas to client’s need.

COLLABORATIVE CULTURE AND VALUES:  Our networks of experts are global.  Our collaborative culture means that we have linkages from around the world that provide the needed support required at very short notice.  Our collaboration also extends to our customer. The feed back we receive from them ensures that we stay on the cutting edge of technology.

MISSION STATEMENT:  Ours is a learning organisation, peopled by knowledge workers, in collaboration with our clients to innovate, using what technology has to offer.

Our consulting, opportunity networking, profiling, due diligence and back ground investigation, virtual office service, training, and proposal services are undertaken in the strictest confidence as required by the needs of the client.