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Constructive Developments Ltd. is a company registered in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China. (email: "constructivedevelopments AT gmail DOT com")
As company director and principal, David Brett shares the benefits of his technical experience and know-how in an impartial and professional manner, by acting as an independent consultant to interested companies and organisations. Clients are mainly in the Construction, Civil Engineering and Building industries. David works from his Hong Kong base on projects or for clients located in Asia, and further afield.

As well as providing independent consulting services from the Hong Kong base, Constructive Developments now has a presence in Australia (with registered ABN) based in Sydney. We now propose to work with clients in Australia, Hong Kong & France; or elsewhere using remote working and virtual teamwork methods to provide an efficient high quality service.

Through David's background and personal networks established over many years of work internationally in the construction industry, he can assist with team-building, organisational matters and the recruitment of the appropriate key construction people in areas where your project may require additional outside expertise or specialists. With contacts in the Quality, Safety, and Environmental functions he may also be able to assist in strengthening your team; through to assistance with the procurement of materials and equipment, specialist suppliers and sub-contractors.

Having experience working with architects on initial concepts, on structural design with consulting engineers, on all construction stages through to completion with  contractors and specialist subcontractors, we understand the building process. We will help to optimise the time schedule, saving money while ensuring the quality of the finished works. With the benefit of experience of living and working in Hong Kong and China, we can also assist companies in other business areas who may wish to expand their market presence into the Asian region. or Chinese companies wishing to increase their business activities into overseas markets.

Past experience on international projects with multi-national joint ventures, on “Design & Build” and “fast-track” type contracts, indicates that most practical challenges caused by long distance separation, multiple time zones, and different cultures and languages, can be successfully overcome.

We provide the reliability resulting from decades of proven experience working in the international sector with people of different nationalities. After the initial phase of getting to know each other to develop trust and understanding, we will agree suitable goals and working procedures. We successfully use Internet, Information and Communications Technologies in the optimum way for each project to make these goals easier to achieve. 

We  believe  that  optimum  economy  and  quality,  with  safe,  socially  and  environmentally  responsible solutions, can be reached by investing adequate time and effort in the initial stages of a project. Careful preparation and planning before launching critical on-site construction activities, together with good communications, feedback and teamwork between all participants throughout the project duration, make for a successful and profitable project.

We will assist you in the crucial preparation stages, and then remain available for any necessary adaptation of the construction methods and planning to cope with the  changing  and  sometimes unpredictable construction realities at any moment to help you to drive your project from start to a successful completion.

The following pages give details of the background and experience of David Brett and further selected references to projects. At the bottom of many of these pages there are links to downloadable files that provide further relevant information.
The Constructive Developments Ltd. brochure in English language is available upon request to: "constructivedevelopments AT gmail DOT com".

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