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Northwest Family - born and raised. Family man with three kids (teens) and a wife, and three shelter rescues: Elsa , 9 yr old Chi-weeny (Chihuahua and Dachshund/wiener mix), Marcello, 10 yr orange and white tabby cat, and Arthur, 19 yr old orange striped tabby - who came with a home we remodeled, and now live. Last 30+ yrs in SW Portland. One of our family interests is going to the beach and traveling.  My life long personal interest in music lead to an accomplishment of being recognized in 2006 Los Angeles Music Awards Singer/Songwriter of the Year Award - after 20 years of songwriting. I have also had the wonderful privilege of meeting and working with Bob Rummer "Rummer Homes".

Education: As another personal interest, I continued my education and was awarded an Associates Degree - in Architecture, Minored in Construction Management and Construction Law w/ awards of "Distinction",  and  "Excellence". One discovery, by and large, is working full time, and juggling family interests, while pursuing an education. This proved to be one of the most difficult life challenges, and a lesson in of itself, having a long-term goal that I never gave up on - and the small joy of accomplishment. But, reality is, I could never be a decent designer, with out the 30+ years as a tradesman, seeing it, and building it first hand from 1987 to 2003 - 16 years. I was invited and participated in the 2001 Street of Dreams in Fishback Creek in Hillsboro, Oregon as a framing contractor. Then add on 2005 to present - as a construction designer with 1000+ design projects drafted to blueprints, permitted, and built. I have an edge, and advantage over any designer, and most architects.

Roots/Humble beginnings: 
- 1986 to 1988: I started out in the Mt. Hood Timber Lake CCC ("Community Conservation Corpse Center - Job Corpse Vocational School") in the construction trades. 
- 1989 to 1991: Employed by Millennium Building Services - laborer
- 1992 to 1996: As framing labor for Hollman and Son's Wood Creations, (Hillsboro, Oregon) building "high end" custom homes across the tri-county area. Moved up to site supervision, and made Vice-President of the company. But, I felt the need to make my own way, so, soon after, becoming an entrepreneurial framing contractor, I had the privilege of being a Street of Dreams sub-contractor. In the the scope of 16 years, I had almost 200 homes behind me.
- 1997 to 2003: Entrepreneurial Framing Contractor. (former CCB #'s, 138981, 105931, 54728-feel free to look up)
- 2004: Full-time student at Rock Creek PCC - Receiving my Associates Degree in Architecture, with minors in Construction Mang. & Const Law
- 2005 to present: Continued education and began my Entrepreneurial Construction Design Services.

After deciding to continue my degree course in 2005, I simultaneously began my career as a construction designer, thus able to phase out the framing labor contracting business. It was a natural transition that made sense. And, looking back, I truly found my element. 

I enjoy my field of expertise, in the design industry. I am comfortable. My 30+ years as a tradesman in the industry, and years as a designer (since 2005) has got me past a lot of curves. I spent a life time earning this skill, and confidently can say with every essence and fiber - I am not just a construction designer. I bring much more to the table. I can not even imagine what else I would be doing, with my years of accumulative experiences and education.

I am sure you can imagine some of the characters in the ball park of 1000 projects (residential and commercial) since 2005, and situations, and stories. While most projects go real smooth and easy, the fact of the matter is, each project seems more than eager to offer up it's challenges. The secret of my success is to tackle it quickly, and effectively - having been exposed to so many similar circumstances - and have the answers. And, now that I have solved every imaginable scenario, the solutions are quick and easy for me.

Anyway, I am glad to report that all of my true clients listen to my advice, are honest, trusting, and fair - and truly appreciate what I do for them. They give me high referrals and/or use me over and over for their own personal projects.

Then, there is the municipal authorities. This is where I have to submit my plans for a building permit. Over the years I have come to know many of our local plan reviewers. And, they know me. I have earned a rapport with them as a recognized business acquaintance. Through my relentless tenacity, I have a acquired a permit for every one of my projects. All projects are subject to land use, zoning, fire,life/safety review.

Anyway, you should call, and let's meet. 503.270.6128  Anytime. Let's talk about your plans, and how I am going to help you realize your dreams for your home, or business. 

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