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Blueprints & Design for:

  •  Home Additions, 2nd Story Additions, Remodels, Restoration, Repair, Decks

  •  Attic/Dormer & Basement Conversions 

  • New Home Design, Residential Home Projects - no project to small.
  • Lake Osewgo Residence

    Commercial TI (Tenant Improvements) blueprints and permit services.

  • Low Cost Registered Professional Service Referrals (as needed)

  • Code Violation/Enforcement Assistance 

    Servicing owners and contractors in the Portland Metro/Tri-County area,  for efficient creative design services for Blueprint drafting of Residential and Commercial TI additions/remodels/new, and permit services - at the best rates.

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Current & Past Projects:

 - SE 35 Drive - Dormer for bathroom

 - N. Montana - New (2) story triplex

 - N. Interstate - 5-plex

- SE 143rd - Single story addition

 - 11th Drive - Burlingame - (2) Story Addition

 - Herman Street, Tualatin - AKS engineering bldg TI for new offices

 - NW 21st and Glisan - Silver Dollar Pizza

- SE Sherman Street (2) Story addition

- Greeley (3) story tri-plex

- Clatskanie (2) story residential fire damage project

- Priscilla Ct - Forest Heights - basement conversion and 2-story exterior deck.

- Luther Rd - Johnson Creek

- NE 50th (2) story garage ADU

- NE Fremont Street 2nd story addition

- Laidlaw - Bethany area - legalizing existing restaurant TI

- OGA (Oregon Gymnastics Association) Interior mezzanine tenant improvement

- Pics Landing off Durham Rd - Master bath remodel

- SE Powell Blvd - Brightside Dispensary tenant improvement

- SE Washington Street - 2nd story addition for new master suite, bedroom, 2 baths, laundry/project room, kitchen

- Earth advantage/energy trust home make overs - N Seneca, and on N Fenwick.

- Kenny's Lotto - TI (tenant improvement) 102nd SE

- SW Troy street - complete home make over (Multnomah Village), master suite, kitchen, etc.

- SE Francis Street - Complete make over, master suite, kitchen, etc ...

- Aloha - 2 story addition for master suite, lanai/gazebo roof porch.

08.13.21 - update: I am about 600 projects in now since this list was last updated. All over - everywhere. Almost 1500 projects in total, since 2005. Hard to believe I made it this far. I stopped advertising 5 years ago. So, if your seeing this, it was by a google search grabbing the search words from this site, or you were referred by a warm contact. I used to claim I was the fastest, but processes for land use and building permits now including transportation, etc ..., continue to add on more items and increasing fees. So, the difference in processes of plan review from 2008 to 2011 are far different from about 2018 to now - taking longer and fees always on the rise. I have been doing plan reviews from 2005 till now.

Virus Pandemic Impacts on scheduling and plan review times:

Update 08.13.21 - Well, its the 2nd year in on this pandemic. We have had to shelter in. Food delivery. Grocery delivery. Mask mandates. New virus variants projected and getting closer. We all have had to adjust our daily routines, and conveniences not the same. The plan reviews taking much longer and working out the on-line submission bugs and gliches due to the sudden shift in working from home and shift to paperless. And, to the civil servants - thank you for making the  plan review/building permit process even possible by your willingness to keep your city working.
  With declining work force. Shortages. Rising costs. Plenty of jobs right now. My thoughts are with anyone reading this. Resilience with muster became the need, and many of us become stronger. Question: Can we become empowered by the success of those around each of us? Yes! We have all had to, at some point. A good distraction like a home remodel, or addition, ADU conversion, dormers to open up some attic space room area, or, maybe for a bathroom. Add some stairs access somewhere. And, new construction, construction repair  - all - will provide a nice focus on making your spaces, the way you want them. Enjoy your den, when you have to shelter in. Add on new space. New master bedroom suite with walk in closet and master bath to the rear elevation of your home? Nice! How about move a wall and open up the kitchen with a new big kitchen island for some open entertaining. Would you like a slide in gas range with a hood hanging down from the ceiling, and pendant lights over the rest of the island area for some mood with some friends, and a really great cab franc ... Petite Verdot, perhaps ... Sweet dreams. I have some great contractor referrals with my repeat contractor clients list. Warm contacts are nice. I also will work with your contractor if you have one, and, or, you are a contractor. What ever hat your wearing - give me a call. 503-270-6128.

Start Here:

1. Define the scope of work. Just one question - What do you want to do?
2. Preapproved home improvement financing. Just one question - how much is it going to cost. Interest rates are super low 
    right now, which means, the economic climate is favorable at the moment - subject to change with no notice, of course.
3. Call me. 503-270-6128. There is a fee for consultation, that will apply to contract amount if retained for my services. My fees are the most competitive.

Onward and upward!

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