Constipation truth

                                                  Modern feminine constipation six big truth
 (1), spiritual hypertension
The rhythm of life quick, overworks tired and  the mental strain is  the basic cause, the nervous person is  easiest so, particularly travels on  official  business when outside,  the cerebrum bowel movement  central nervous system  receives suppresses,  is frequently  the  constipation and  the  diarrhea  occurs alternately.
(2), the body lacks the activity
The long time sits in the office, the body lacks the activity, causes the intestinal tract muscle relaxation, the creeping motion function to be weaken; Adds the feminine body musculi abdominis to be weak, delivers the strength which then discharges to be weak, therefore, the intestines contents has accumulated the long time in the intestinal tract, the moisture content is absorbed, turns discharges hardly with difficulty then.
(3), the feed and the nutrition do not work as
Cannot the rule feed, take into consideration the balanced nutrition busily frequently the ingestion, in addition frequently eats meal in the outside restaurant, in food lacks vegetables and crude fiber.
(4), long-term bad bowel movement custom
Works when anxious and bustles about, or morning time press, even if had then Italy also to be able not but to endure frequently then, when caused in the rectum again at one's convenience, but the sensory nerve actually became slow, caused the routine constipation.
(5), eats food frequently quantity too few
Diets loses weight, each meal only eats food very few little foods, creates the intestines contents too few, the volume is insufficient, is insufficient to stimulate the cerebrum bowel movement main center to cause the defecation reflex.
(6), in the life does not pay attention to potable water  
Lives is anxious when has forgotten the multi-potable waters, finally causes the waste residue which the intestinal tract produces to be dry and hard, causes the excrement not to do is also hard, is not easy to discharge.
The medical expert prompts warmly: The constipation patient wants certainly to clearly recognize the constipation, discovers early treats early, do not let the constipation affect own health.