Ringing Ears Wax

There are common causes of ringing ears. Wax build up could be one. To learn further, try answering the following pop quiz.

  1. What is ear wax?
    1. A product of the skin in the ear canal that protects against infection
    2. A dirt accumulation filled with bacteria and pus
    3. A watery secretion in the middle ear that oozes out
  1. Which of the following is true about ear wax?
    1. It is a nasty thing in the ears and must be scraped out daily.
    2. It often gets stuck far into the ear canal that needs surgical removal.
    3. It is a natural protection of the ears and often migrates towards the opening of the ear canal.
  1. When does an ear wax become a problem?
    1. When it grows into a malignant tumor.
    2. When it builds up and blocks the ear canal.
    3. When it putrefies inside the ear canal.
  1. What would most like occur when there is an accumulation of ear wax?
  1. What should be done in case of ear wax blockage?
    1. Get a cotton bud and push it into the ear.
    2. Use a needle or a hairpin to scrape the ear wax out.
    3. Go to a doctor and have your ear wax removed.
  1. Which of the following is true about using cotton buds and hairpins to remove ear wax?
    1. Cotton buds and hairpins can push the ear wax deeper into the ear canal.
    2. One can push them too far into the ears such that ear drum rupture is likely.
    3. Both
  1. Ringing ears: Wax build up – why is this pair likely?
    1. Ear wax blockage causes conductive hearing loss and makes your ears become sensitive to internal bodily noise.
    2. Accumulation of ear wax causes auditory hallucinations.
    3. Ear wax build up cause rapid vibration of the ear drums.
  1. What should be done in case of tinnitus and ear wax build up?
    1. Have a physician remove the ear wax.
    2. Have a physician identify whether ear wax build up is the main problem.
    3. Both

The answers are:

1.      A

2.      C

3.      B

4.      C

5.      C

6.      C

7.      A

8.      C

Everyone has ear wax. It usually does not accumulate and cause blockage, but sometimes it does, and may even cause temporary deafness and ringing ears. Wax that has impacted in the ears must be removed by a doctor. Do not hesitate to be seen by a physician if you feel something is not right about your ears.