The Psychotherapy Research Lab

Michael J. Constantino, PhD, Director

Directed by Dr. Michael J. Constantino, The Psychotherapy Research Lab is part of the Clinical Psychology Program at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Our research focuses on identifying and understanding patient, therapist, and relational processes that influence psychosocial treatments for adult patients, and on the development, systematization, integration, testing, and dissemination of efficacious psychotherapeutic interventions. We are especially interested in pantheoretical and pandiagnostic factors that affect clinical change, such as patient and therapist treatment expectations, patient-therapist alliance quality and corrective experiences, patient change ambivalence and treatment resistance, therapist contextual responsivity, and measurement-based care (to name just a few). We are also interested in the intersections of psychotherapy, personality psychology, and social psychology. In our study of psychotherapy process, outcome, and integration, we employ multiple research methods, including experimental treatment outcome trials, quantitative psychotherapy process research, naturalistic process and outcome research, qualitative analyses, and lab-based analogue studies.

The Psychotherapy Research Lab is housed in the following spaces at the University of Massachusetts Amherst:

Lab Suite:

143 & 145 Tobin Hall

Telephone: 413-314-3444


To learn more about The Psychotherapy Research Lab and its related projects, please browse the relevant links on this website, or contact Dr. Constantino or one of the lab members directly.