Short Bio

I am a Scholar in the field of Economics, with interests in Industrial Organization, Economic Growth and Competition Economics.

I have received a PhD in Economics at School of Business, Economics and Law, at University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

I am active in the area of Competition Economics and Empirical Industrial Organization.

I have dealt extensively with tools from Production Economics and the measurement of economic performance. Data Envelopment Analysis and Stochastic Frontier Analysis are part of my core competences.

A second line of my research is concerned with issues related to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Although CSR is a well established topic nowadays, I believe that working out proper measures for CSR is still needed, and I work on this topic.

At this moment, I hold the following positions:
1. Economist at the Romanian Competition Council

2. Assistant Professor at Academia de Studii Economice in Bucharest, Romania.
3. Post-doctoral Researcher at
Academia de Studii Economice
4. Research Affiliate (non-paid position) at the University of Gothenburg,Sweden, within the Department of Economics