Why Re-Elect Robin Rape? 

"While working at the Brazoria County Sheriff's Department in 1999, I made one of the most important decisions of my life.  I decided to run for Constable, Precinct 1 of Brazoria County, Texas."
"I didn't make this decision to better myself but to make a difference for the citizens and taxpayers of Brazoria County."
"If I was elected to this office, I knew at that time I would have to take a pay cut, but that was not a concern.  I was on a mission to improve this office.  I wanted to restore the integrity and respect that should be in any elected position."
"Most people have forgotten or just don't know who, how, what, or why constables exist.  I wanted to change that trend and operate this office like a professional, productive, efficient, and effective service to all citizens, while enforcing the laws of the State of Texas and our Constitutional rights equally to everyone."
"On January 1, 2001, I stood up in front of the public and made a promise to work hard and always keep the taxpayers' best interests first and foremost.  I have kept my promise, unlike a lot of elected officials.  I have and will continue to do so, without waver."
"My word is my bond.  I am not a professional politician.  I am a public servant and hope to continue serving the public to the best of my ability for another four years.  Your support is truly appreciated."
Constable Robin Rape 
Precinct 1, Brazoria County