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Entry #4, May 14th, 2015: The Illuminati

posted May 14, 2015, 10:39 AM by Sebastian Diaz

    You have heard of this group, even though they tried so hard to be secretive. This is a group that is constantly being mocked. The Illuminati is definitely something that I would call "cult fiction". It is (or supposedly is) an elite group of the top 1% who want to take control of the world or already have (we don't know). It is nearly impossible to summarize what the Illuminati is, so here goes nothing:
    Jesuit priests ordered a group into a new direction. The council was made up of five people (each person was used for each point on a pentagram) called the group "The Ancient and Illuminated Seers of Bavaria". The men were what we call "Luciferian Freemasons" (Freemason: noun, A member of an international, usually secret, group). Their main goal was to develp the super power of the mind through Eastern disciplines and mysticism. They would use this power to control the wolrd for an unknown lord. illuminati has the world wrapped around their fingers. The United Nations, International Criminal Court, International Monetary Fund and the like are supposedly under the control of our mysterious group. The masses are being tricked and misconceived by education, press and leadership of the nations by the Illuminati.
    "The New World Order" is what they're calling it. They plan to create inflations, depressions, manipulation of the world markets. They want, us, the people to believe that globalism (of centralized economic status' and a single religion) is the answer to the world's problems. And it is.

To find out some more on the Illuminati: http://www.gotquestions.org/illuminati-conspiracy.html

Entry #3, March 4th, 2015: The Piltdown Man

posted Mar 4, 2015, 7:54 PM by Sebastian Diaz   [ updated May 14, 2015, 10:44 AM by sdiaz6087@bvsd.org ]

In 1912, The Evolution link between the apes and man was undiscovered and debated. Then, a special discovery marked headlines everywhere. The discovery was named the Piltdown Man. This filled in the missing link in the evolution chain. This was a momentous discovery, and was assumed to be true for 40 years. Ta-Da! In 1953, the Piltdown Man was proven to be a deceiving hoax. How was this hoax able to trick so many people? Let me explain. 
    During the search for the missing link, the British Isles were lacking in evidence. In early 1912, a man who went by the alias "Charles Dawson" (Get it? Charles Darwin?) sent a letter to the Natural History Museum claiming that he had the unearthed skull fragments in the Piltdown area of Sussex in England. "Dawson" and Arthur Smith Woodward, keeper of Geology at the aforementioned museum, went looking for more pieces. They had found more. The pieces were taken as evidence. Woodward took it to the museum and tried reconstructed it. He formed a skull that seemed to relate an ancient human ancestor more than 50,000 years ago (make note of this number. It's important).  More pieces were found in 1913 and in 1914. 
    Dawson died in 1916, and no other pieces of evidence have been found since (are you seeing the connection yet?).
    The rate of human fossils found in the 40 years after the discovery of the Piltdown Man increased. These new fossils began to discrepencate (that's a new word :) ) from the Piltdown, and the discrepancies became much too large to ignore. Scientists began to experiment on the Piltdown Man.  Kenneth Oakley, in 1940, provided the Fluorine Experiment that shows the calcium traces in the skull remains. These tests showed that the bones were less than 50,000 years old. More tests were run, and they showed that the skull fragments came from two different species, humans and apes. Microscope tests revealed that the teeth were filled to appear as human teeth. Also, they discovered that the bone fragments were stained to match those of the local gravels. Still a believer? I don't believe you.
    The Piltdown Man was released to the public as a fraud on November 21, 1953. 


Entry #2 , February 26th, 2015: Chupacabra

posted Feb 27, 2015, 10:28 AM by Sebastian Diaz   [ updated Mar 4, 2015, 7:06 PM ]

A cryptid commonly known as the Chupacabra. Other names include the Goat-Eater or Blood-Sucker. This "animal" has commonly been reported and seen towards southern U.S.A. and northern Mexico. Every time that it's been seen, it lives behind dead livestock, such as goats. Not much is known about the Chupacabra, except that it eats goats. The Origin of the name for Chupacabra comes from the Spanish verb "Chupar" and noun "Cabra". "Chupar"  translates to "suck" and "Cabra" translates to Goat, so, logically, Chupacabra translates to "Goat-Sucker".

Entry #1, February 10th, 2015: Lochness Monster

posted Feb 10, 2015, 10:41 AM by Sebastian Diaz   [ updated Feb 10, 2015, 10:44 AM ]

The first entry in the series! Yay. Today's topic is the most famous Cryptid in the world [other than Bigfoot(More on it later)].

 Located in Lake Loch Ness in Ireland (that's a lot of L's!), the Lochness Monster is known to be an aquatic animal with a long neck and stout body similar to that of a Cryptoclidus. It has four long paddles on the upper and lower part of the body. It's around three miles long, and one mile wide.  The most famous picture was taken in the early 1900's. This phoptgraph is used as the most iconic photo of Nessie.
    Many disbelievers out there have evidence that the Lochness Monster is fake, but that the object in the photo is that of an elephant's trunk. This is also supported however, as circuses were known to travel in the area. 
    There is also evidence supporting that it exists. The first sighting, which dates back all the way into the early 1700's,  the last official sighting, back in 1992, and all the sightings in between have consistant entries about the appearance and motion. I, myself, am I a believer in this phenomenon.
For more information: http://www.nessie.co.uk

The next post can be expected this Saturday, and will be on another cryptid. The Goat-Eater, the Blood-Sucker (Not-A-Vampire). 

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