Ancient Aliens - Evidence of Aliens in History


View archeological evidence supporting alien intervention on Earth, Alien evidence in petroglyphs, heiroglyphics and the oldest Sumerian writings. Detailed Indian accounts of Vimanas as well as Ancient Alien tales of the Sky People from the Hopi Indians.

Antient Aliens evidence in archeology History Channel - Go to the home of the History Channel's tv show Ancient Aliens. The site contains information on Ancient Alien theory, evidence of Ancient Aliens author of "Chariots of the Gods" Erick von DAniken, videos and photos.  Find out more about the History Channel's Ancient Aliens series. 
Ancient Alien hieroglyphs and petroglyphs Alien UFO - Make sure to scroll down to get to the site's intrguing pictures and information.  Find pictures of the Dropa stones as well as a summary of the tiny hieroglyphics written on them.  Explore ancient aliens depicted in Dogon artwork.   View pictures of UFOs depicted on  petroglyphs made by ancient indians dating back over 6000 years ago.   
Ancient X - Sumerian artwork depicting ancient aliens. This site focuses on the oldest known culture, the Summarians.  This civilization, dating back to over 6,000 bc, attributes its origins to the Annunaki.  The Sumarians thought of the Annunaki as Gods who came from planet X more than 30,000,000 miles away.  
Ancient Alien videos The Truth Behind the Scenes - Information on Ancient Aliens and so muh more.  Find out if Aliens built the pyramids and if they are still living among us.  Huge collection of Ancient Alien videos and the History Channel series.  Do not miss this site. 
Ancient Alien artifacts and research
 Ancient astronaut theory.  Information on the  Anunnuki, the Sumerians,  the Moai of Easter Island, ancient Incan Airplanes, the Nazca lines, the Battl over Nuremberg, the Dogan tribe of Africa, the Piri Neis Map of 1513, Puma Pinku, and much, much more. 
Sumerian artifact pictures Xfacts - Boast the most Ancient Sumerian atifacts online.  Check out this site to see ancient aliens depected in Sumerian artwork.
This site covers the Aztec calendar, Baghdad battery, Celtic Cross, Crystal skulls, Alien skulls, Nazca lines, Riri Reis map, Shroud of Turin, Antikythera device, and Voyrich manuscript. 

YouTube Video

 Hour long presentation on Ancient Aliens.  The video starts with ancient artwork and then continues to the Sumerian cultures artwork and written accounts.  Ufo report from ancient Egyptians 3,500 years ago gives an account of a strange light in the sky.  Alexander the Great witnessed UFOs in 329 BC.  They called them "gleaming silver shields."  A few years later a UFO beams down a light which destroyed the walls of the city Alexander the Great went to conquer. 

YouTube Video

The Mission - Ancient Aliens
Did Ancient Aliens come to Earth?  What was their Mission?  What role did they play in human evolution?
July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldren walked on the moon.  It was the first time human beings walked on the moon.  Or was it?  Is it possible that ancient alien astronauts, before recorded history, traveled to Earth.   In1986 it was found that the moon contains a high concentration of Helium 3 which could fuel the Earth for years.  Coud ancient aliens have harvested Helium 3 to fuel their spacecraft.  Iraq  is known of the cradle of civilization.  The Sumerian culture had cobblestone streets with a sewer system.  The Sumerians had the first written language.  Archeologists found over 22,000 of these cuniform texts.  Zacharia Sitchen translated these text to find that they tell a fantastic tale of extraterrestrials coming down to Earth to mine gold to line their atmosphere. 

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