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Consort Management Consultants is a general management consultancy established in 1987, offering a wide range of management services particularly related to educational institutions. We also provide tailor-made workshops and seminars for corporate training.

We believe in keeping our clients closely informed of the progress of our work so that our proposals are developed through regular exchanges of views and become practicable.

Education Services

Consort has a wide network of contacts with universities and professional bodies operating internationally. Over the years, we have represented many institutions of higher learning in the UK and USA. Programmes of some of these institutions have been delivered in Hong Kong through Consort.

We enjoy a wealth of knowledge about the local and international education markets, their standards and requirements. We advise clients having an interest in entering the Greater China market and help them design programmes that would meet the needs of learners.

Education Governance - Accreditation and Quality Assurance Consulting

We provide consultancy services to education providers or businesses seeking accreditation of their academic or corporate training programmes.

We advise clients on governance requirements and matters related to educational 

programming, aiming for official approvals and recognition.

We have helped course owners getting their programmes accredited by relevant authorities, such as the Hong Kong Qualifications Framework. The process may involve reviewing, designing and building programme objectives, structure and operations, and also organisational governance and systems needed to ensure quality programme delivery. Our experience covers academic and vocational programmes, including corporate or professional training, and ranging from Secondary to Higher Education levels.

Training & Staff Development

We also provide tailor-made workshops or seminars for corporate training.

General Management Consultancy

We are experienced in reviewing organisation structures and work procedures, and submitting proposals for improvements. Our consultants have decades of experience covering a wide spectrum of businesses. Their exposures are multi-disciplinary:

* Many lines of business:  Office equipment and computers, foods, wines and spirits, and industrial products, consumer products exports, etc.

* In many specific fields: General and HR Management, Strategic Planning, Corporate Governance, Corporate Administration and Legal Services, Marketing, etc.

     The Management

    Horace Wong is the Chief Executive of Consort. For many years, he held senior management and directing                positions with multi-national corporations. All the time, he has been also active in developing education                       programmes, including taking on accreditation and quality assurance assignments.

   He is also active in the profession of business management. He was President of the Hong Kong Institute of                 Chartered Secretaries (l994 and l995) and International Vice-President of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries &       Administrators (London) (l996 and l997).

   He is a senior member of several Chartered bodies in management and governance.

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