Training & Development

Inspiring the Leaders

Corporate Training

Consort provides management training and market briefing seminars for corporations operating in Greater China.

We have access to a pool of management trainers who are experienced to work under a culturally diverse environment. Our trainers are well qualified and up-to-date in their fields of excellence, and they can communicate fluently in Mandarin, Cantonese and English.

We have supported local and multi-national organisations on their staff development programmes in Greater China and Asia.

Student Development

Consort is an active provider of development programmes for university students. For many years, we partnered with Hong Kong universities and delivered courses to undergraduate students from North America. These are credit-bearing courses and students from America come to Hong Kong in the summer months to take classes not only to earn additional credits towards their studies, but also to get exposed to the Asian culture through well planned excursions and orientation tours.