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Chartered Management Institute         

         The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) is a leading professional body for           Management and Leadership in Europe and granted a Royal Charter in 2002.           The CMI in all these years has been providing forward-thinking management and leadership support and training to the business, industry and government sectors. Currently, CMI has a worldwide membership of over 100,000.

To accomplish the mission of raising standards of management and leadership, the CMI offers management qualifications as well as the Chartered Manager (CMgr) award to recognise those who have completed a programme of vigorous training and assessments and have a proven record of management excellence.

As the only Chartered body awarding a range of qualifications in management and leadership, the CMI is highly recognisable in the UK and Europe and their awards carry unparalleled certifications for learners. CMI gives managers and leaders, and the organisations they work in, the tools they need to improve their performance and make an impact.

Chartered Manager (CMgr)

The CMgr designation sets you apart from other managers by providing you with an independent endorsement of personal ability to manage and lead, as well as the certification of your managerial competence, your individual functional ability and transferable skills.

CMI is headquartered in London.
Support services are provided out of 
Management House, Corby, U.K

Consort is CMI approved and licensed to deliver CMI educational programmes as well as the CMgr scheme.