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Get Chartered for your leadership and management skills

Getting recognition is the aim of career-minded professionals to evidence their ability and success in making achievements. 

To be Chartered is the unquestionable evidence of their achievements.

Chartered Manager (CMgr)

Chartered Managers (CMgr) are recognised for their Knowledge, Experience and Standards in Leadership and Management. The designation letters CMgr are hallmarks and ultimate recognition of leadership and management achievements. They represent the best management practice and ethical standards. The award is an independent endorsement of personal ability to lead and manage, and their strategic visions. 

CMgr is an earned award of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), made to recognise those who have completed a programme of vigorous training and assessments and have a proven record of management excellence. Many universities accept the earned CMI credits for transfers to MBA or other degree programmes.

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Consort Management Consultants is the Hong Kong Centre of CMI, offering CMI training that entitle middle and senior executives to the prestigious Chartered Manager award. 

The CMI strategic management training programme covers different management areas: Management and Leadership, Managing Resources, Strategies, Planning, Projects and Decision Making. The training aims to cultivate strategic management thinking and skills of leaders and managers and entitles learners to endorsement as Chartered Managers.

Holders of CMI awards obtained through Consort are entitled to seek endorsements as Chartered Managers in a simple process. 

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