Harmonious Revolutions:
Galileo & the Music of the Spheres

Revolutionary Renaissance Multimedia for the 2009 International Year of Astronomy
Created by Andrew Byrne

    *     *   *       O       Concept

*     *   *       O    Still Images:
September 5th, 2009

March 4th 2009 

*     *   *       O  
  Video clips  (September '09)

*     *   *        O     
Star Musicians

*     *   *      O      Performance History

*     *   *      O     Astrophotography and micrographs by
Professor David Malin

Generously Sponsored by:

The National Academies Forum, Canberra
The Peak organisation of the Four Learned Australian Academies

 The Royal Society of New South Wales

With the generous assistance of


A Brief History:

I- Debut production, March 4th '09, The National Press Club, Canberra

II- Second show, June 5th '09, State Library of N.S.W., Sydney
(sold out well in advance)

III. Third show - scaled-down production for Elizabeth Bay House

IV: Finale for 2009: September 5th '09, Clubbe Hall, Mittagong, for the Royal Society of NSW