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The independent life insurance producer requires assistance to be proficient and effective in their practice. Producers are bombarded with too much information; there are too many companies and too many products. Consolpro dedicates resources to decipher company and product information in an attempt to support the efforts of concerned producers who understand the lifetime value of the client and who are taking the long-view of their client relationships. It is possible for producers to maximize their income without compromising their integrity or insulting their client's financial future. Consolpro will work dillegently to respect the needs of the producer and offer exceptional service along with the finest products, companies and compensation available.
America's first life insurance wholesaler.
It is difficult to say who was first to create the wholesale distribution of life insurance and annuity products; it seems everyone claims this honor. We can tell you that in 1974, when the doors opened to our founding company, FMS, Inc., insurance companies had no contracts allowing for the wholesale distribution of product. So FMS, Inc.'s founder, George W. Perkins II, wrote the first Regional Distributors Contract we are aware of in the industry. This changed the way Life Insurance companies delivered product to the marketplace and changed forever the way independent producers represented insurance companies. This form of distribution is now the country's premier way of delivering product to the consumer.
George W. Perkins, II began his career with John Hancock in 1946 and continues commanding the ship at FMS, Inc., which is now our primary company and product research resource. George's 63+ year career offers wisdom and experience otherwise unavailable to most producers. George can be reached at our main offices and phoned at 800-342-6331.
"Working with Consolpro allows me to focus more on my clients and gives me the opportunity to get help choosing the right products based upon the client's specific needs"  M.L.
"I have been working with FMS and Consolpro since 1982.  For more than 27 years, their expertise has helped me build my annual income to more than $500,000 per year." W.G."
"We use the expertise of this great organization to help run our seminars, put together our Estate planning team and choose the fixed products we offer our clients." M.V.
"Consolpro stays on top of the industry so I can focus more on my practice development, client management and managing my business. Their help is invaluable." R.S.