Consolifi is a Federal Trade Commission compliant debt resolution company that focuses its efforts on resolving debts while offering other options including bankruptcy, credit counselling, and debt consolidation. With an executive team composing of highly-experienced and well-versed professional negotiators, Consolifi negotiates and settles debts on behalf of their consumers, resulting in better rates, policies, and balances that would potentially save them thousands of dollars.

Providing top-notch service to its potential and actual consumers, Consolifi conducts free debt assessment to understand what the consumers’ goals and needs are and how to better meet them through carefully designed debt resolution plans. Working with the consumers, the company would come up with suitable monthly total that would allow the consumers to save towards negotiated proposals of the debt, without burdening them. Consolifi aims to assist its consumers to eliminate their debt once and for all.

The company helps consumers in ways that include stopping creditor phone calls, and finding the best possible settlements. Consolifi resolves debt in student loans, credit card, unpaid mortgage bills, past due medical bills, IRS tax debt, repossessions, pay day loans, and collection accounts. With each debt resolution option having its own benefits and risks, the FTC compliant company has Debt Analyst Experts working to assist consumers through finding their way to financial freedom.