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Service Component Reference Model

The diagram below shows the services that are associated with cloud computing in a framework derived from the NIST/Wikipedia definition of Cloud Computing that focuses on Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service and Software as a Service.  In order to provide IaaS, PaaS and SaaS, a cloud provider must have provisioning services, so these are detailed below IaaS.  In order to be productive in the above layers, security must be implemented.  Integration and User Services apply to all three layers and so are shown along the sides.
In this diagram the services associated to cloud computing are related to the services defined in the U.S. Government's Service Component Reference Model SRM).  The Federal Government users the SRM to analyze IT expenditures and determine if its money is being spent appropriately.  I have reproduced the SRM as a Spreadsheet below for reference Purposes.
The blue blocks have the reference to the exact cagegorization within the current SRM.  The numbers with asterisks are educated guesses.
What was interesting and counterintuitive was my finding that the Web 2.0 services can probably be accommodated within the Government's framework.  Essentially these are all a form of web publishing, which is covered.  
The blocks in black are the holes.  The services in these blocks do not seem to be covered in the SRM.  It's interesting to note that these services are being provided in data centers today.  What this means is that the government's Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) Consolidated Reference Model (CRM is not able to effectively address expenditures in many operational areas of IT because it doesn't recognize these functions or gather data against them.  It shall be interesting to see how the Federal Government addresses the relative costs/benefits of these elements of cloud computing given that it hasn't really got anything to compare against in its Enterprise Architecture model.
This model was developed by Patrick Stingley and may be shared with attribution in accordance with Creative Commons protections.  These observations in no way represent the position of the Federal Government.
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Jun 4, 2009, 9:32 PM