About Us

Let us warn you now - we are different from stereotypical "Life Coaches".  If you have visited our other web site, www.StayWithMeHere.com, you already know that.  We believe that people learn best when they are laughing, which is why we created StayWithMeHere.

And while being able to laugh at yourself is a great skill, it can only get you so far!  That's why we created Consider Coaching.  We try to maintain a sense of ease and lightness in our coaching, which makes dealing with ADD issues less painful.

We can and do deal with serious subjects - however, we avoid being "new-age-y".  We appreciate clients who, despite the frustrations of AD/HD, are able to find the humor in their lives as well.

Ginger Mitchell, AD/HD Coach

  • Member of International Association of Coaches and Coachville
  • Article: Moving as a Coping Strategy?  published in FOCUS magazine
  • Quoted in November 2003 Working Mother Magazine, Hot Topic: ADHD - Moms Who've Got It.

Jennifer Mitchell, AD/HD Coach