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Funny Pics

If you have seen these before, this is where they came from.

Grab them if you want.

 All I ask is you give me a "via"


The Obama Library

Update: Click link above to go to a cool site  that is archiving all the best nobama art from great bloggers like:

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Animated Gifs (Click To See Them Move)

The Forgotten Dump

Mooch Attacking Cheeseburger

S.E. Cupp Rubbing Her Legs

Pelosis Evil Snarl
Pelosi's Evil Snarl

Charlie Crist Queer Handshake
Charlie Crist Queer Handshake

Obama Lizard Lick (will not play unless your computer is super fast)

Coward Anderson Silva Rubbing Vaseline

Osama Flipping Channels

Pelosi Kiss

Gore In Blizzard 

Stroking The Mooch

Maher Head Popping Out Of Butt

John Boehner Crying Rinos


Non-Animated Pics - Starting now I will start linking the pic with the story so it they will make more sense.

The White House Situation Room as an American consulate is overrun by Muslim terrorists

Disaster Relief: Obama Gives Chris Christie The Full Load

Understanding MSNBC’s Benghazi Scandal Blackout

Hurricane Sandy – Obama Touring Damage New Jersey

Early Voting Redefined By Lena Dunham

Michelle Malkin:”Vote With Your Lady SMARTS, Not Your Lady Parts!”- 10-18-12

Lindsay Lohan Endorses Romney, And It’s Actually A Really Big Deal

OMG NOOO! Madonna to get naked unless the “black Muslim” is re-elected

Rush Limbaugh: Obama Gets ‘Fawning Anal Poisoning’ From Letterman

Asshat inbred muslim dies after inhaling fumes from burning American flag

If Mitt Romney is Thurston Howell, Then Obama Must Be…

“You Didn’t Build That” Obama Music Video – MC Hammer

Breaking: CNN’s Peter Hamby Comes Out Of The Closet…

Grey’s Colonoscopy – Obama Wants TV Networks to push Obamacare on popular TV Shows

In The Wake Of Our Men Getting Sodomized And Killed Mooch Teaches Dr. Oz How To Dougie

Obama birthday with family

Obama Batman

Hank Hill they are lying on the news

Obama Sexy and Homeless


Obama father polygamist grandfather great-grandfather

Obama Magic Potion

Obama Suporters Are Getting Tired

Obama And Sinclair First Kiss Marked By Statue Downtown Chicago

larry sinclair that is not yogurt

Michelle Obama Chewbacca hoodie



hairy balls  Obama

Stay At Home Mom


Obama Suicidal Divorce

Fly Lands On Biden's Head During Speech

Ron Jeremy Obama

Obama Railroad Retirement

Obama Light At End Of Tunnel

sand sculpture obama DNC rain 2012 

Michele Bachmann Laughing At Liberals

Penguin Bites Newt Gingrich

Mooch  What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

Obama Bridge to Prosperity

George Clooney Obama

Maddow, All Cool Girls Are Lesbian

Bearded woman found guilty of assaulting officer’s genitals

Redneck Counter OWS

Obama Wind Turbine Failure


American Grown Michelle Obama

big fur hat pam geller

Michelle Obama Snickers Bar

ordering mcdonalds women beaten blacks hate crime

Obama Dirty mouth

flotus and bo American grown

Jenna Jameson blowing on breathalyzer

Senior Policy Advisor for Healthy Food Initiatives Sam Kass

Miami Heat Big Three

michelle obama Pizza

big fur hat pam geller

Obama 100th Round Of Golf

the Private Sector is Doing Fine Obama

nasa bake sale

Zombie Max ammunition

Mooch came from slave owners

Michelle Obama Slave Owner

Obama SSN

obama holding fuck America sign

anderson silvalarge valseline

Google Comes Out Homosexual

Photo of an iceberg that sank Titanic

Obama Tomato

Toe Sucking Bandit Bill Clinton