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Mission Statement

I started the site because I was frustrated with the course of our country --  It is my way of contributing to the conservative cause.

The goal of this site is to stop Liberals, Marxists, Progressives, Socialists, and Communists before they ruin this Country -- by giving people a platform to blog without going through the pains developing a readership.  

The blog

CBC, CBC NEWS, this site and together get around 5000 to 10,000 page views a day on average, sometimes more, sometimes less. It is not a huge site, but it will -- over time -- gain you additional readers, if that is your goal.

Note: Conservative Blogs Central is actually 2 blogs and 2 websites, tied together in various ways, to multiple twitter, face book, and digg accounts -- and a few other services -- that are all automatically updated from this site.

The site is not here to make money, it makes enough daily to buy me a cup of coffee. The ads are here mostly because I think they look good. 

We are limited to 100 blog authors, so if you are not serious about contributing here don't waste everyone's time.  

Posting - Blogger (contributor) Rights

Conservative Blogs Central is now open for participating bloggers -- or blog owners -- to post blog entries. If you do not have a blog you can use CBC as your own. If you do have a blog you can post it here with links back to your blog... See teasers below.

If you would like to post on this blog leave a comment below -- example provide below . If you are wanting to become a blogger, I will respond -- I only check it once a week -- with  a reply letting you know that Google will soon be sending you contributor rights to either CBC or CBC News. ( Sometimes the invitation goes to your spam folder -- be sure to check it, if you have gotten a response, but no invitation from Blogger,)

Site Rules

I don't like rules, so we have very few rules here. But with that said, I had better make sure we are on the same page before granting you blogger rights

1. Limited Pimping - Teasers back to your blog are welcome, as long as a reasonable amount of text is posted (more than a short sentence) -- AT LEAST A PARAGRAPH!  

We want you to gain hits to your blog, but we want everyone else to as well. In order for that to happen this site has to be interesting enough to visit. A site full of postings with one-liners to your personal blog is very very uninteresting.

If you are just posting the linked titles of your latest blog postings you are not thinking of the others here, and the hits that you are receiving will soon dry up as people leave CBC for a site that is worth visiting.

You will be warned a few times by me adding the rules in your posting's comment box, then I will boot you from the site.    

2. Not bitching - This is not a promise that you are going to gain 1,000,000 hits to your personal site; it will increase your audience, but how many people like your material will mostly determine success.
A lot of people will read your postings, but not that many are going to follow the link to your site.

3. No wasting my time - I have a backlog of people wanting to post, so if you plan on posting once or twice and then leaving, don't bother. I will save us both some time by adding someone else who actually wants to blog here.

4. NO Plagiarizing - Just a reminder, under "fair use" we can use short snips of someone's work as long as it attributed to them. Anything else has to be rewritten and paraphrased by you.

5. No Jail time - I also ask that you use common sense when posting. That means; no porn, profanity, threats (to the government, it's officials or anyone else for that matter), hate speech, racist remarks or anything otherwise illegal or in poor taste. If this rule is broken the posting will be deleted, your blogger rights removed, and your blog taken down off this site.

6. No more than 3 posts a day - We have had people in the past fill up the blog with post after post, until all we had to offer was a page full of links to their blog. Do you think that a lot of people would want to visit this site if we allowed that to happen?

7. New Rule - You are now required to contribute to the site at least one time a month or your account will go inactive, and deleted. I know things come up, so I will gladly make exceptions to that rule if you just shoot me an email inside of that time frame.


I hate to be all bitchy here, but I have tried running the site without rules and it don't work. 

If you see anything posted on this site that falls under one of the categories please let me know.