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Ratepayers Association

Committee of the Whole Meeting July 15, 2010
Deputations by Janice Menard of Consecon and our President Bill McMahon were received at the Committee of the Whole meeting
 in a last ditch effort to get our water rates down to an equitable level
throughout the County.


Consecon and area comes out to
Diane O'Brien's Water Meeting June 10, 2010
     Last night's water meeting was a great success. There were so many people in attendance with varring levels of frustration over the proposed 100% plus price update to our water rates. There was a wealth of information put forward by our Mayor, Diane O'Brien and Susan Turnbull. But what really got the backs up of the attendees was that Council feels that the water users in Picton, who we all feel get preferrential treatment, should have their increase phased in over 5 years. It was learned that these same useres never paid a cent to hook up to their water in the first place. The consensus was that since we paid over $5000 to hook up to our water they should pay their fair share, nearly $8000, to do the same. No one in this County should get special treatment.
     If you are as steamed about this issue, please come out to one or both proposed meetings on this subject on June 21st at the Ameliasburg Town Hall or June 23rd at the Crystal Pallace in Picton.
Let our Council representatives know that you are NOT pleased
and want equity in this County.


AGM (Annual General Meeting) today, March 28, 2010
CARA held it`s required AGM (Annual General Meeting) today, March 28, 2010at the Consecon Legion Branch 509. There were approximately 28 members in attendance along with two councillors, Peggy Burris and Diane O`Brien. Revisions to our constitution were discussed and approved and nominations for the Executive Committee were accepted. All members will be returning with Dick Silverthorn as the Vice-President and Nick Nowitski filling the newly created position as Immediate Past-President. CARA would like to thank Carol Haegsma, Legion President, for hosting our meeting.
 CARA Executive Committee 2011
President - Bill McMahon
Vice President - TBA
Secretary - Laura Dann
Treasurer - Ron Mastin
Council Liaison/Water Committee - Robert Keene
Public Relations - Paulina McMahon
Recreation Committee Liaison - Geraldine Demierre

The CARA Santa Claus float for 2009
Thank you to Dean O'Hara and all of the volunteers for making it a reality.

The Consecon and Area Ratepayers Association Inc., CARA, formed in 2006, is an active entity working for the betterment of Consecon and the surrounding area while giving the people a voice to County Council. We encourage local participation with a yearly family membership of $20. All input is welcome and ideas to improve the status of Consecon is greatly appreciated. We promote our local businesses and let people know that they are there.

Contact CARA by clicking here cara@conseconvillage.com

   Read the Report on Economic Development in Consecon, Prince Edward County that was presented by the Prince Edward County Street Smarts Advisory Committee and prepared by the University of Guelph, School of Rural Planning and Development: Aaron Clodd, Marshall Gallardo, Susanna Klopfer, Jeff Nielson, Kristina Rody, Marcelle Thibodeau, Jan Thingsted, Marina Vestergaard, December 15, 2005.

Consecon CED Report Final.pdf

Click here for information on the Consecon Water Distribution system
The residents of Consecon have a water distribution system. Treated water is supplied from the Trenton Water Treatment Plant.

Nick Nowitski,
Feb 20, 2011, 9:50 AM