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Photo by Alistair Stark

        The unsightly building that used to house K2's Restaurant has been torn down. We have no idea what will be built in its place, but a nice building with retail below a couple of apartments would generate some commercial development in Consecon. Stay tuned for more information.

October 25, 2009

This afternoon 23 area residents came out to CARA's public meeting held at the Masonic Hall.

Guest speakers;
  1. OPP Constable Dave Mowbray addressed community safety and how to keep your home safe when you are away. He suggested that we all lock our vehicles and homes. When away, have a friend or neighbour pick-up your newspapers and plow your driveway. You should put your lights on timers to make your home look occupied. He also spoke on the 4 Wheeler by-law and what it contained. He noted that all riders MUST have a valid drivers license, vehicle license, ownership and insurance. They are allowed on Loyalist Parkway ONLY between October 1st and May 1st during sun-up and sun-down. They cannot have any passengers and must drive at a maximum of 50kph in an 80kph zone.
  2. Councilor Peggy Burris addressed the current rumour of our post office closing as false. She asked that attendees sign a petition from some unknown group to keep our current electoral boundaries intact.
  3. Bill Kemp, on behalf of himself and wife Juanita, thanked CARA on behalf of its membership for nominating their Dixie Lee Chicken & Seafood Restaurant and Country Farm Market for a Quinte Business Achievement Award. With nearly 75 potential candidates, they won New Business of the Year 2009.
Many new members signed up and a great number in attendance left comments about what they would like to see CARA do in the coming year. A big thankyou to the Masons and all who attended.

 October 24, 2009
   Congratulations to Juanita and Bill Kemp, owners of the Dixie Lee Chicken & Seaford Restaurant and Country Farm Market for winning the "New Business of the Year 2009" presented by the Quinte Business Achievement Awards.

October 24, 2009
   Congratulations to Juanita and Bill Kemp, owners of the Dixie Lee Chicken & Seaford Restaurant and Country Farm Market for winning the "New Business of the Year 2009" presented by the Quinte Business Achievement Awards.
September 27, 2009
Consecon Legion Branch 509

    Congratulations to Heather Mattis who received  a life membership pin from the Ladies Auxiliary of the Branch during their honours and awards ceremony.Heather is a very busy woman who devotes most of her free time to many groups and events in our village.

September 20, 2009
Consecon United Church 180th Anniversary
11 a.m. at Consecon United Church
  • Come join local dignitaries and special guests.
  • Be entertained by our guest soloist, and joint choir
  • Relax with lunch following the activities.

July 15, 2009
Consecon and Area Ratepayers Association becomes incorporated as a non profit corporation.

June 13, 2009

Village of Consecon signs erected

    Well it has been awhile since we were tasked with erecting new signs along Loyalist Parkway to let everyone know where Consecon was, but I am pleased to announce the wait is over. There are two beautiful new signs along the highway announcing our presence. As good as they look during the day, vehicles cruising along the road will see us glowing in the night.
    The signs were paid for by the members of the Consecon and Area Ratepayers Association and they would like to thank the following for their participation;
  • Al Cochrane of Consecon for the preliminary design;
  • Consecon Womens Institute as well as Bayfield for their donations to this project;
  • Joe Oram of Carved in Stone signs in Brighton for the final design and execution;
  • the County’s Roger McCaw (Senior Roads and Urban Supervisor) and his crew for installing the sign posts.

March 22, 2009
CARA Annual General Meeting
    Nearly 40 local residents came out to CARA's third Annual General Meeting this past Sunday at our local Legion. Our guest speaker was Mayor Leo Finnegan who gave a a great synopsis of what is going on with the Picton Hospital, the soon to be built round-about, and water emergency water notification. The Mayor also let all know what Consecon could look forward to in the coming years. Councillor Peggy Burris was also in attendance and gave us updated information on the Bald Head Beach situation. We had full colour displays of potential new Consecon signage along Loyalist Parkway and a covering of the new bridge. Our current Executive was acclaimed for another year of service and was thanked by everyone in attendance for a very informative meeting.
March 20, 2009
Martha's Studio, 5 Store Street
    Six local children learned how to make their drawings move to tell a story in animation. Local artist and children's book illustrator, Martha Newbigging held a March Break Workshop for children 9 - 12 years old this pas week. All supplies were included in the workshop cost and each student went home with a DVD of their completed movie. Martha says that she is looking forward to scheduling future workshops for both children and adults. She also want to thank the Ontario Arts Council for their assistance in this project. Contact Martha at 613-394-4965 or http://marthanewbigging.com to learn about future sessions. 

Boil water advisory issued for Trenton and Consecon areas!

February 8, 2009    Boil water advisory lifted 

February 7, 2009  Click here for a “How to use water safely during a boil water advisory” fact sheet.

December 9, 2008

Hillier dump likely to be closed for the winter

    News has just come to light that the Public Works Department has suggested that Council close the Hillier dump from January 1st until April 1st. Even though I don't use the Hillier dump many people in our area do. Where are you going to leave all of the recycling from Christmas? Where is your general garbage, that you gladly spend an extra dollar to dump, going to go. Convenience is what the local people have enjoyed for many years and that should remain.
    It seems that the people that run the dump would like to go south for the Winter. Well running a dump must be very lucrative if you can go south for three months. Why did Public Works agree this when the original tender for running the dump probably stated it was for an entire year. Instead of calling this a breach of contract the merrily agree. If you didn't want to work for an entire year then why did you apply for the job?
    If this can happen in Hillier where else? Click on our Blog link and have your say if you can't make the meeting or call Councilor Burris at 613-399-5416
    If you want to voice your opinion, come to Council on the 15th and have your voice heard.

December 5, 2008

   The official ribbon cutting of our newly constructed, ugly, bridge occured today. In attendance were various officials from the County, the Province and Parliment Hill, as well as the contractor. Even though we were not invited, CARA, sent a representative to oversee the festivities and take pictures.

November 2, 2008

Here is the reply I received from Councilor Diane O’Brien regarding Lakeside Drive…”Council has agreed to make Lakeside Drive a one way road on a trial  basis (six months ) and there is to be a traffic study completed in the spring to ensure we have addressed the concerns of the residents in the most effective and safe manner. Should you have any concerns I would be most pleased to pass them on at council.”

October 25, 2008

   CARA held a public meeting at 2:00p.m. at the Masonic Lodge. There were twenty-eight people in attendance, including Councilor Peggy Burris, who saw the new Consecon web site and heard about what CARA has done so far this year. We created a new committee to address both the water rate pricing which will be coming up soon and the hook-up of some Carrying Place residents. Toby Toth, from the Merchant's Mill, reported on the "Haunting in the Hamlet" which was a great success despite the terrible weather (pictures will be posted soon). The concensus of those present voted that CARA continue to support Bill and Juanita Kemps attempt to replace the entrance to Dixie Lee from Loyalist Parkway. It was noted that some of our children must cross Loyalist Parkway at Lakeside Drive to stand at the side of the road, in the dark, to wait for their school bus. Everyone felt that this was a very dangerous practice and reinforced our effort to have the speed limit reduced to 60km. CARA was asked by Andrew Wiggin, "the Village Painter", for support of the fireworks show and Bar-B-Q in the park on Canada Day. Everyone felt it was a great event, but needed to be under the wing of and an existing committee of Council. CARA also showed a preliminary drawing fo their entry in the Santa Claus Parade, November 16th.
    If you missed thie meeting, be sure to attend the next one and tell us what you think.

October 16. 2008

    The Provincial Government has been trying to get us to reduce our energy consumption, in particular electricity useage, for some time now. Smart meters have been installed on a great number of homes to limit our useage during peakgeneration. times therefore saving us all money and energy. Well OPG, Ontario Power Generation, has just announced that homes that use the least electricity will pay 12% more than others at 4.5% begining November 1st.
    OPG says higher costs are due to higher costs of running nuclear plants, promoting conservation and adding renewable energy and natural gas generation to the grid, as well as the government's plan to phase out coal-fired generation plants.
    As of November 1st, we will be paying 5.6 cents per killowatt-hour up to 1000 kilowatt-hours per month. Above that the rate climbs to 6.5 cents per kilowatt-hour. (Source: The Toronto Star)

October 15. 2008

    Are we headed for another tax increse this coming year?  Well no one is saying for sure, but why would council direct staff to look at a 3.5% increase in their budgets?

October 1, 2008

    Vito's Fast Foods has changed hands and is now owned and operated by Erin Karaz. Erin says that she has some exciting, new and refreshing items that will soon be a part of the menu, but that some of the old favourites will still be available. Stop by, say hello and take home a great tasting pizza.

September 24, 2008

    The grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony of Consecon's most recent business, Dixie Lee Dine In - Take Out Chicken & Seafood Restaurant and "Country Fresh Market". Owned by Bill and Juanita Kemp, the new addition to Consecon's business landscape appears to be warmly welcomed by one and all. Bill says that he is very pleased with the warm reception that Dixie Lee has received and is looking forward to working with the community in various ways. Hours of operation are currently 11:00a.m. - 7:00p.m. M-T, 11:00a.m. - 7:30p.m. Fri./Sat. Dixie Lee is locaated at 20261 Loyalist Parkway and can be contacted at 613-394-5500.

September 21, 2008

    Our local RCL branch 509 had it's awards banquet where numerous service awards were handed to members. Of note were two very special awards, one for Legionnaire of the Year presented to Ron Mastin, the current membership chair and the other a Life Membership presented to Ken Ward, a past president and Zone Deputy Commander for Zone F3.

August 4 - 9, 2008

    Consecon resident and CARA executive member, Alistair Stark, won two gold and one silver medal at the August Canada Transplant Games held in Windsor. A liver transplant survivor, Alistair won a gold medal in the 5K time trial cycling and race walk events and silver in the 20K cycling event. He has started training for the next event to be held in Quebec City in 2010.

July 2008

    Consecon Womens' Institute celebrates their 95th anniversary.


Straworks House, Consecon, ON

    Jen and Deirdre built all the window and doors bucks on this project and worked with other contractors doing general carpentry, bale installation, plaster prep. and tarp wrestling--there is a lot of wind in Prince Edward County. In the Spring of '08 we will resume the bale work and plaster the building. Features: modified post-beam framing, straw bale infill, house built on existing foundation, cement/lime plaster

© 2006 University of Guelph

It Takes More Than a Village

Students-turned-consultants get chance to exercise rural planning smarts in Ontario village


    Several U of G graduate students were driving through the village of Consecon in Prince Edward County one day in the fall when an Ontario Provincial Police cruiser drew up and pulled them over. The officer was responding to a suspicious resident's alert about young strangers asking impertinent questions on his doorstep. Now it was the students' turn to answer a few questions.

    The officer ended up accompanying the Guelph group back to their weekend headquarters at the Consecon Masonic Hall to verify their story that they were rural planning and development students involved in an outreach project.

    It's not every weekend that this former mill town of a few hundred people sees a group of university graduate students descend — pencils and notebooks bristling — to pry into the village's psyche. But if the results of their fieldwork bear fruit, many Consecon townsfolk may one day toast their return with more gusto than shown by that one gimlet-eyed resident.

    Eight master's students in the program offered in the School of Environmental Design and Rural Development became planning consultants for a weekend in the fall during a field assignment for a course called “Economic Development Planning and Management for Rural Communities.”

    Prof. David Douglas says the course gives U of G an opportunity to practise community outreach and affords grad students a first-hand look at issues affecting small rural centres in Ontario and across the country — no small matter.

    “Anywhere from one-quarter to one-third of Canada is made up of rural communities,” he says, adding that he normally facilitates and oversees such a project each year.

    He assigned the students to engage the village of Consecon — more or less a textbook case of a community being left behind by circumstances — in some soul-searching about its prospects. Echoing the socioeconomic and demographic challenges raised by the group during a recent information session held on campus with Prince Edward County residents, he says: “Consecon is a good example of ‘rising tides don't take all boats with them.'”

    Located near the western end of the Loyalist Parkway on the Quinte Peninsula, Consecon attracts its share of the roughly 300,000 tourists in the county each year. Home to about 25,000 people, the county is drawing attention for its emerging wine industry and is becoming more attractive as a place to retire to.

    Although Consecon is reaping some of those benefits, the students pinpointed a number of problems facing the community, including lack of infrastructure, lack of services (including, ironically enough, policing services) and public amenities, few businesses and limited job opportunities.

    The highlight for students was their four-day stay in Consecon to survey the village, run focus groups, interview residents and hold a public meeting to discuss the community's strengths and weaknesses, external opportunities and threats.

    “The main benefit of this community outreach was the practical experience it provided us,” says student Kristina Rody. “It's great to learn and discuss in a classroom setting, but there's nothing like a real experience in a rural community.”

    The students suggested that Consecon form a citizens' committee (since established), look for ways to play up natural attractions and local businesses, and lobby for community development support.

    They're writing a report as part of their course requirement. Copies containing their recommendations will go to the county-wide Street Smarts Advisory Committee and to Consecon itself.

    Street Smarts member and planning consultant Larry Spencer says the community has been “energized” by the students' involvement. Calling them mature, confident and knowledgeable, he says: “What these students are doing is learning about rural communities. The University benefits from the class understanding what a community is in the real sense of the word. ”

    Adds Douglas: “This blending of theory and practice reflects not only the school's long tradition of collaborative community outreach but also the core mission of the University of Guelph relating to a critical, informed approach to adult education and an active engagement with society.”

December 15, 2005

    Read the report that was produced based upon the information gathered from the meeting below as well as from interviews of local residents.
Consecon CED Report Final.pdf

November 14, 2005

    The meeting that started CARA.

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