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   The name Consecon comes from Indian words for "an opening" and "pickerel," and the town’s waterfront location is an important part of its past and future. Samuel Champlain made camp here in the 1600s, Kente Mission was established nearby, and European settlers arrived in the early 1800s. They dammed the river to power grist and saw mills, and the town flourished until the new Highway 33 passed it by in the 1960s.

 Mascot It is with great sadness that we announce the demise of Swanee.

Everyone that visits the Village of Consecon will come upon our mascot. The swan called 'Swanee' has been a fixture in and around the pond. Legend has it that Swanee lost its mate years ago and has been hanging around in hopes that (he/she we are not really sure) will return. When you are near the pond you will see Swanee either resting on the shore, swimming in the pond or walking about the southern side of theVillage. Swanee is truly a resident of the Village and as such takes advantage of the generousity of the people by going up to their doors and knocking on them in its quest for food.

 Attributes & Amenities 

Fifteen minutes from exit 522 on Highway 401, Consecon is the first town you encounter on the Loyalist Park
way entering Prince Edward County from the west. Trenton is 14 kms away, and travel to and from the mainland is fast. The village is built on Wellers Bay and has some fine century houses clustered around the river and millpond at its heart. There is a post office, library, general store, LCBO and Beer Store and four eating establishments plus many small businesses, regular courier services and high speed internet.


The area is best known for Consecon Lake and North Beach Provincial Park (http://www.pec.on.ca/other/northbch.html) and for cottage resorts, campgrounds and fishing camps as well as one elegant new B&B. Vineyards are flourishing nearby and Geoff Heinricks, vineyard guru and author, is a local. In the village are a pizza place, an established, characterful pub and grill in the old mill on the river (www.cascadespub.com) and a thriving new Dixie Lee Chicken & Seafood Restaurant and Country Farm Market. Other new businesses include a specialist Shetland sheep farm. There are two respected residential schools close by, providing employment to many residents.

Village Vision

   Consecon has a long history and an independent attitude. Defined by, but not limited to, its proximity to water, the area has natural beauty, affordable properties and quick access to major transportation routes. A recent study of Consecon by University of Guelph students highlighted the benefits of its location and historic features, its affordability and real potential to as the Gateway to Prince Edward County.

This site is hosted by the Consecon and Area Ratepayers Association Inc.

The Consecon and Area Ratepayers Association Inc., CARA, formed in 2006, is an active entity working for the betterment of Consecon and the surrounding area while giving the people a voice to County Council. We encourage local participation with a yearly family membership of $20. All input is welcome and ideas to improve the status of Consecon is greatly appreciated. We promote our local businesses and let people know that they are there.


Contact CARA by clicking here cara@conseconvillage.com

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