Does coaching really work?

Yes! It will work but only if you let it work. The life coach is there to help with your improvement goals and accountability.  Successfully implementing them is still dependent on you taking action. You will have to come into the relationship with an open mind to let the process work.


What is the difference between a Life Coach and Therapist?

 Life coaches identify present problematic behaviors the client is experiencing and finds ways to change those behaviors through relaxation techniques.  The coaching process tends to be more of a short- term relationship.   Life coaches do not diagnose mental health disorders.

Therapists enter a long-term relationship with their clients to focus on their past traumas and issues. The therapist analyzes the information gathered to understand present behaviors and then clinically treats the client.   

So, therapists focus on the “why” certain behavioral patterns (phobia) occur, and coaches work on the “how” to work toward overcoming the phobia.


How many sessions would you recommend?

The stronger your fear the more sessions I recommend. 


What area of life coaching do you focus on?

In my practice, I focus on helping individuals overcome a fear/phobia they may be experiencing.   I use a Cognitive Behavioral Approach which helps the client turn their negative thoughts to positive thoughts and ultimately change their behavior and eliminate physical symptoms. 


How can you help me? What makes your program stand out from others?

I truly enjoy helping others and I have been in your shoes! There was a time when I myself suffered from a lot of anxietyI know what it’s like to have your mind consumed with worry thoughts day after day.  But then I found ways to lessen the anxiety and I am now able to focus more on the small things in life. I learned that it is so important to enjoy every moment and “be in the present.”   It was through relaxation and positive thinking that I am now living my best life. I want the same for you!  Together we will work on finding you your best life!