Standby power is indispensable for many kinds of operations. Lengthy or recurring power outages result in financial loss, inconvenience or worse. Often, the investment in a standby generator set is recouped at the first significant outage.

Generac's broad product line offers a full range of models for all kinds of applications, in both diesel and gaseous fuel options.

Power generation equipment is built to exacting requirements. By its very nature, it must be safe, reliable and capable of routinely handling heavy electrical loads upon demand. That means uncompromising attention to close tolerances and exacting details, requiring manufacturing expertise and quality assurance at every step of the process.

The heart of every Generac genset is its engine and alternator. For our prime movers, we select top engine designs from around the world that are ideally suited to electrical power generation and modify them to Generac specifications. Starting with each long block engine, we add Generac-designed fuel delivery, cooling, and exhaust systems. Depending upon size, 98% of our alternators feature Generac manufactured rotors and stators. As an extra measure of safety and confidence, most Generac products are UL Listed by Underwriters Laboratories.

Standard Features for Diesel and Gaseous units:

  • Generac manufactured alternator (under 400 kW) — We wind our own rotors and stators to ensure top quality
  • Automatic shutdown protection system — Light and sound alarms are backed up by an automatic system that stops the generator for a variety of mechanical or safety reasons
  • Solid state sensing and starting controls — Our well-proven control system ensures reliability and durability
  • Permanent magnet excitation (optional at 125 kW and below) — provides better response time and better performance for non-linear (UPS) loads, and is standard in gensets above 125 kW
  • Factory warranted custom packaging — Generac builds its own enclosures in standard or sound attenuated versions with a durable, powder paint finish — not every manufacturer does

Research, Development & Testing

Our numerous research and development programs are all aimed at bringing improved products to market. In order to stay on top, we focus on and apply new technologies to increase power, efficiency and reliability.

To ensure that our equipment lives up to the Generac reputation for durability, we subject our engines, alternators, controls, and transfer switches to punishing test routines. Only after we’re certain they’re up to the task do they become a part of our product line, where long life is a hallmark of our commitment to lasting quality.

New systems are subjected to rigorous product performance tests, as well as extensive alpha and beta site testing. Our extensive test agendas allow you to choose a Generac power system with the confidence that every system will provide you with the power you need, for years to come.


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