Have you ever dreamed of a fully automated home?
A home that turns your temperature down when you're away for energy management. A home with lighting sequences for "good night", "good morning", "romantic", or "entertainment". A home where your music from the den follows you down the hall and into the kitchen. A home that can be securely accessed and controlled by you from anywhere in the world. A fully integrated home that offers you comfort, convenience and safety.

HAI can make your dreams of a fully automated home come to life.

The following demonstrates what a home control system can do:


HAI offers two home control system families: The Omni family and the Lumina family. Each coordinate your home's amenities for comfort, convenience and safety. International language versions are available for members of the Omni family line of home control systems.
Omni Family of Home Control Systems
Omni home control systems feature built-in UL security and fire systems, lighting control, temperature control, and audio control, with telephone and internet connectivity options.

The Omni family of home control systems consists of the Omni Pro II, the Omni IIe, and the Omni LT to meet virtually all size, sophistication, and pricing requirements.

Whole House Control that's Easy to Use

An HAI Omni home control system provides temperature and lighting control for energy savings, integrated UL Listed security for enhanced safety, and the convenience of telephone and Internet access and control.

Homeowners recognize that an HAI home control system can pay for itself through energy savings while increasing the value and enjoyment of their home.

Overall Features

  • Central control for security, lighting and temperatures

  • Audio Control

  • Built-in telephone access with voice menu

  • Built-in modem for remote programming and status

  • Built-in Ethernet port for remote programming and status over the Internet (Omni IIe, OmniPro II)

  • Built-in serial port(s) for Connectivity Partners

Security Features

  • UL Listed Burglary and Fire

  • Fully configurable security zones, expandable

  • Wireless security options

  • Supports 2 and 4 wire smoke detectors

  • Supervised zones, battery and bell circuits

  • Digital Communicator for Central Station Monitoring

  • Voice and pager dialer

  • True partitioning for security and control

  • Event log with time and date

Automation Features

  • Lights, temperatures, security and audio can be scheduled by time, sunrise, sunset, date, day of week, as well by system event: motion detected, door opened, mode change, etc.

  • Advanced control of lighting: scenes, fades, levels, dimming, occupancy-based

  • Remote control of thermostats, lighting, security

  • Program on console, touchscreen, or PC using PC Access software

  • Advanced Control Programming (ACP): HAI's easy-to-use "when-command-if" programming for scheduling and event driven logic

Lumina Family of Home Control Systems
Lumina home control systems provide sophisticated lighting control for new or existing homes. These systems are affordable, easy to install, and easy to operate.

Lumina systems can tie into an existing security system. Numerous options and accessories from HAI allow Lumina's to grow into complete home automation systems.

The Lumina family of lighting control systems consists of the Lumina Pro and Lumina. The number of rooms and lights that you wish to control will usually determine what Lumina lighting control system you need to buy.

Sophisticated Lighting Control that's Affordable

Lumina has the features of a high-end lighting control, without the special wiring and extra cost! Room, house, and mode controllers can be placed around the home and control the entire lighting system from a small keypad.

HAI Lighting Control (HLC) offers a variety of dimmers and switches to provide lighting of all types. Lumina has a clock with automatic daylight savings time and sunrise/sunset calculations for accurate dusk to dawn performance year round.

Easy to Install

No need for new wiring - the Lumina uses UPB™, the most advanced digital communication standard available that transmits over standard electrical wires.

Easy to Operate

Lights come on as programmed or with the push of a button. Want to change one of the preset light scenes? Simply press the scene button five times and the new scene is memorized.

Unrivalled Expandability

Add options like telephone, touchscreen, Internet access and control, coordinate with thermostats, Windows Media Centers, Multi-Room Audio Systems, and security systems for a comprehensive "smart house" system.


International Home Control Systems

International versions of Omni home control systems are available in the Spanish, Italian, Castellano, Catalan, Chinese, and Turkish languages.

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