Brookfield Condo Owners

 Did you know:
1. If you have a smoke detector in your home that is 10 years old or more, they need
    to be replaced!

2. If you have a Carbon Monoxide alarm in your home, they are only good for 5 years!!

3. You are supposed to have a heat detector and not a smoke alarm in your attic.

Sure you can replace the smoke detectors in your house with the same unit but how difficult is it to change the batteries when the units start chirping?

Replace your “old pain in the neck” units with new ones that have no fuss battery
compartments that are easy to access.

I am putting together packages to save residents of Brookfield Condos money!

I am currently looking for residents to sign up for Thursdays starting in May.
Just remember!
The more people that sign up --- the more money everyone saves!!

Click HERE to sign up today!




Call 973-945-1909 to get on the install list!






Notice the battery compartment on 
the exterior of the unit.  With these units you no longer need to remove  the detector to access the battery for replacement.




Average Cost for a house smoke/heat/CO purchase, install, and test.

1 heat, 1 Combo unit, 4 smokes

Group Estimate for a house
smoke/heat/CO  group purchase, install and test

1 heat,  1 Combo unit, 4 smokes




Actual unit installed may be different from what is actually show in this picture.  Smoke detector, Smoke/Carbon Monoxide combo units and heat detectors may vary slightly but the battery compartments on all of the battery backup units are on the exterior.  Conover Electric LLC offers a one year warrantee for all parts installed.