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Welcome to the Cougar Robotics Fuel Cell page, we hope to become an official team, in FIRST's latest venture.


  "FIRST is proud to announce that is hosting a         fuel cell pilot program for all event-registered FRC teams! The         pilot, called Green Machine, will expose selected teams to                 hydrogen fuel cell technology. Event-registered FRC teams are         invited to apply to participate in the program. Qualifying teams     will recieve a fuel cell with which they're invited to experiment         and consider various ways fuel cells can be applied inside and         outside of FIRST applications."


Ok there is a catch, if you want to make it on to the project the team needs to meet certain guidelines:

  • Team Application Including all of the following
    • Science Teacher (for potential lab work)
    • 4 High School Students (full time FC team members)
    • Why we want to be a part of the competition
    • All of this done by October 27th 
  • $575 for the kit of parts 
    • FRC team maybe able to split the cost with the FC team, but we still need to raise $300
    • Due to FIRST by November 3rd


I hope everyone can pitch in and we can pull it together in time, if we could, the possibilities............

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