Welcome to my website. 

I am currently Senior Research Officer at the Economic and Social Research Institute and Adjunct Associate Professor at the Department of Economics, Trinity College Dublin.

In my previous role I was Manager of the Real-Financial Linkages Team and Senior Economist in the Financial Stability Division of  the Central Bank of Ireland. I was previously Research Fellow at the Economic and Social Research Institute. I complete my PhD as a Doctoral Researcher at Trinity College Dublin and the United Nations University - World Institute for Development Economics Research, Helsinki, Finland. I also have worked previously as an Economic Consultant for Indecon International Economic Consultants and London Economics.

I am interested in a range of topics mainly related to corporate and household finance, financial stability and financial crises. More specifically, I work on the following areas : 
Enterprise access to finance; Investment efficiency; International development; Governance; Financial crises and stability; Financial liberalisation. Household finance and macro-prudential policy.

I was previously a member of the ECB Macroprudential Policy Group Taskforce on Operationalising Macroprudential Research. The group aims to produce a common set of tools that can be harmonised across Eurozone members to understand the impact of macroprudential measures.
Feel free to get in touch about collaborations or other research ideas!