This is a mod that replaces the F1 help with the contents of my book. But it's more than just information pulled from random sites, it's the *best* information I could find, and I've weeded out all the garbage for you. (This is not decal, by the way, so it's not required)

Email me at connorthecraftmaster@gmail.com if you want to make comments, suggestions or otherwise

Latest version now includes GEARCRAFTING, along with other minor additions and changes.

== 2/19/2010 ==

Version 8.0
Download it here --->>> http://sites.google.com/site/connorsniftycraftsguide/Home/ConnorsNiftyCraftGuide.zip  (Decal not required!)
See README.txt for installation instructions

NOTE for Vista users:
If you installed AC into the "program files" folder, this mod WILL NOT WORK unless you make it possible for "read only" files to be overwritten (Vista has a lot of issues with this apparently). If you want to get my mod to work you'll have to re-install AC in a different folder.

BOOK CONTENTS so far: (For a text dump, see this page: Connor's In-game book text dump , keep note that this information may be outdated compared to whats inside my F1 help mod. This is updated when my in-game book is updated.)
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