Services & Specialties

We offer a one hours free counselling service for you to discuss what you believe is wrong with your dog and if required we can also offer a retraining program for the whole family, after it is established what is wrong with your dog.

It's very rare that the problem is the dog. The problem is usually a communication issue between owner and dog, we help to build thoughs bridges with understanding.

If you click on Recent Announcements on the left hand site of this page, we offer free advice and articles to  do with Dog Psychology and everyday problems with dogs.


We offer help for you to understand why your dog
  • Has trouble walking on or off the lead
  • Has aggression issues
  • Will whine or bark if left alone
  • Will run away
  • Has fear issues
  • Is food possessive
  • Is making a mess in the house
  • Will jump up at the door or people
  • Will try to hump everything (not really a sex issue like you may think)
  • Why your dog feels that it can control you
These are but a few issues your dog may have, if you are worried about your dog then please contact me discribing the problem and I will do my best to give you some friendly advice which would hopefully help.