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and in return helping bridge the communication gap between dog and owner, we will aslo be helping to reduce the many thousands of poor dogs in rescue homes today..

Having a dog like this German Shepherd is ok if you are a dog handler, but as a pet it really is an accident waiting to happen. That is not to say German Shepherds won't make a good pet at all, but most dog lovers will give in to their dogs and without giving the dog rules that the dog can easily understand, the dog will become confused. This is when the dog will start to work on instinct and the canine instinct is to survive, so it will become more independent and start to show an aggressive side. This is usually through fear to begin with, but then it will turn into your dogs way of thinking if it is not delt with and having a dog barking and growling at everyone is the accident waiting to happen.

Every dog can react this way when we as humans misunderstand what we are teaching our dogs and its the most loving and caring of dog owners that will fall into this catagory quite quickly, unless we have taken the time to understand how our dog thinks and not how we think they think.

A dog needs to follow. A dog needs to believe that you as a dog owner can protect it and enforce these rules, even if you want it to protect you.

We as humans usually rely more on what we See first, Hear second and Touch third to help us to be able to learn. Whereas a dog will rely on what it can Smell first, See second and Hear last to learn. More often than not your dog will work on what it believes you want from it by the amount and type of chemicals you are producing(Smell), your body language including facial expressions (See)and then the sounds you make(Hear). So when your dog does as it is told, that really is quite an achievement that it was able to understand what you told it to do. I personally have to laugh when I hear or read about a dog that can understand different languages, because the only language a dog understands is it's own and we as humans need to understand their language, to be able to communicate with them.

Although they do try to communicate with us.....

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You may think that by allowing your dog to do as it wants that you are causing it no stress? When infact you are actually giving your dog more stress. I know that that sounds silly so I will try to put in in a way to help you understand this. By not giving your dog rules to follow, you are not in control of your dog and by not being in control of your dog, your dog will feel that you are inferior, weak, submissive. In the canine world, there is little room for kindness. You have to be assertive, confident or even dominant, to prove you are able to protect. Otherwise your dog will feel the need to take the control and lose all respect for you, because you have shown that you are unable to protect it and so your dog will take over the job itself. Can you imagine being in the most stressful job you have ever been in and just walking out dumping it on your poor dogs shoulders. I know your dog doesn't need to do that, you know your dog doesn't need to do that, but sadly your dog doesn't and no matter how many times you tell your dog that it doesn't need to do that, it wont understand.

You Need To Show It That You Are In Control.
By controlling your dog, you have taken all the stress of the dog having to worry who is coming round the corner or to the door. Where the next feed is coming from, what's that noise, what happens if this happens or that, what would I do, what do they want, what does he want, why is he scared.....And this is where the problems start.

 Your dog is walking on the lead out in front and you are walking up to some people. Say four people and out of thoughs four people, one doesn't like dogs and starts to get abit worried as he see's you approaching.
Your dog will smell that fear and start to get concerned. Your dog will not understand that the person is worried about your dog. Your dog can only smell fear and where there is fear there is usually a reason to be on guard. Dogs also understand that where there is fear that usually comes violence in his world and more reason to worry. All it would take would be one of them to move too quickly to spark a reaction from your dog, whether it was a bark or a bite, would depend on the situation and how close they were to your dog.

Now with walking your dog behind you, feeding yourself first, only allowing your dog up on th sofa or bed when you say so and teaching your dog as many tricks as you can, getting them to go through each one, each night, but in a different order. Can help take some of the stress away from your dog and help your dog realise that you can take some of the burden, You Can Protect Your Dog

  If your dog Growls, Barks, Pulls on the lead, Hides behind you, Ducks away from or goes to bite someones hand as they go to stroke it, Runs into your garden barking every time you open the door, Attacks other dogs or people, Will not walk on the lead, Will not allow you to get on your bed, Shows any kind of aggression, fear or a lake of interest in you. Then that may be a good time to get in touch with a Dog Psychologist for help or try a local Behaviourist/trainer...

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