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LED Watch Project Summary


To design and build a watch that uses LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) instead of clock hands.

Project recap:
After learning how to successfully control many LEDs with shift registers, I decided to create a watch that uses LEDs instead of clock hands. I used dual color LEDs so that one color, such as red, could be the minute hand, the other, such as yellow, could be the hour hand and both colors on at the same time, producing orange, would represent the second hand. To control the LEDs, I used an ATMEGA328 and 8 shift registers. I added a switch that could turn on the LEDs when you want to check the time so that they would not constantly drain the battery. This switch can also be used for setting the time. This design could be made into a pocket watch or a wristwatch. It will be powered by a lithium polymer battery so that it can be recharged. With a 1Ah battery, it is projected to last a few weeks.

What I learned:
How to control multicolored LEDs