Research Activities

Since research is not an exact science, it requires some experiments to obtain the desired results.  We started  with a procedure or recipe  to create micro channels of the desired width and depth.  The objective is to create a channel that has a rectangular pattern.


There are about five (5) sub parts of the procedure which could be adjusted to meet the desired results.   Our beginning attempts are as follows.  Our begining attempts were not rectangular.  They were pyrimidial in geometry.  This could be evidence due to the top and the bottom being different widths. (Figuresa A and B)  



 Figure A                                                                                                           Figure B

The patterns were imprinted onto a soft materical and their heights were measured. The goal was to achieve 300 microns.  It was close but the measurements were good and the protocol is being improved.  (Figures C, D and E)


Figure C                                                                               Figure D                                        Figure E

The specific steps of of the activities are stored on the computer.  As we determine the modification we should make to the recipe, we take notes which states 1) the date 2) the specific error 3) the change we propose to make to correct that specific error.

We are working on the third part of an eight (8) step project which works over a two (2) year project timeline.