Lesson Plan
Measurements with Photolithography


Teacher Name(s): Connie Boswell-Robinson




Grade level(s): Middle School


Content Areas: Mathematics


Description/Abstract:  Analyze the data from the size of the micro-channels


Timeline:  1 period 


Goals/Content and Cognitive:


Measuring distances will be examined in addition to using their ratio skills to draw conclusions about the analyzed channels.


Students will:


    1. Measure the distance of the channels
    2. Compare the measured data
    3. Draw conclusions about the data


Links to Curriculum Standards:


  1. Numeric Reasoning

    1. Content Standards: Understand Number and Operations by solving problems with a need to represent and model real numbers
    2. Enduring Understandings

                                                              i.      Numbers can be represented in multiple ways

                                                            ii.      Knowing the reasonableness of an answer comes from using good number sense and estimation strategies

  1. Algebraic Reasoning
    1. Content Standards: Understand patters by solving problems by recognizing patterns.
    2. Enduring Understanding: Numbers or objects that repeat in predictable ways can be described or generalized.
  2. Quantitative Reasoning 
    1. Content Standards: Understand data analyze by solving problems from collecting and interpreting their data.
    2. Enduring Understanding: The question to be answered determines that data to be collected and how best to collect it.

 Guiding Questions:


    1. What do you remember about measuring? Name a few things that you used today that you could measure
    2. If we needed to know the distance between two different measurements, want would you do?



    1. Formally: Opener Questions
    2. Informally: Feedback from interactively working the problems
    3. Informally: Asking questions at their cooperative learning stations
    4. Formally: Exit Slips

 Learning Connections:


Students will need prior knowledge of using a ruler to measure distances. They will also to need to bring their subtraction, ratio and percent skills with them to this activity.


Learning Activities or Tasks:










Entertain Questions


Return Papers

Entertain Questions


Learning Stations

Group students for activity/ They populate roles



Channel activity



Process worksheet


Reporting Out

Reporting Worksheet





Exit Ticket/Hmwk

Pre Printed


Total Time




Teaching Strategies:


1.      Lecture

2.      Cooperative learning stations to differentiate the instructions




The learning stations will be populated based on the results of yesterday’s exit ticket which covered basic ratios and percents.  The students who did not master yesterday’s lesson will need re-teaching. Analyzing the data on the exit ticket will tell me exactly how they are making their mistakes so the instruction to them can be differentiated.  The students will receive their learning station number from me when I check their opener.


Materials and Resources:

    1. Yesterday’s exit ticket
    2. Rulers
    3. Calculator
    4. Channel activity worksheet
    5. Learning Station worksheet
    6. Exit tickets



Lesson Evaluation and Teacher Reflection:



Was this lesson worth doing?  

In what ways was this lesson effective?  

What evidence do you have for your conclusion?

How would you change this lesson for teaching it again?  

What did you observe your students doing and learning?

Did your students find the lesson meaningful and worth completing?