Grant Request

TI Graphing Calculators Proposal


 TI 84 Plus Silver Edition






 Sample Classroom Setting


Purpose: Train students in the capabilities of this tool to improve their testing scores


1.       Train the teachers under professional development with a Texas Instrument consultant

2.       Teach the students the full capabilities of their calculators and possibly create an elective to reach that goal


Teacher: (Professional development) the majority of the training is free from a Texas Instrument consultant.  There should be training for all the teachers who will use the calculators and the navigator system.  The technology chair-person should have move extensive training for trouble shooting purposes.

After the purchase of the navigation system, there are free on-line courses available to support the teacher maintain and/or enhance their working knowledge of the product.


 1.       Basic

a.       General use

b.      Overhead calculator

2.       Mathematical /Scientific

a.       Storing data

b.      Graphing data

c.       Other

3.       Classroom navigator

a.       Differentiate student assignments

b.      Download different learning activities

4.       Technology  Chairperson – trouble shooting


1.       Classroom- receive discrete differentiated instruction to understand that calculators can do more than basic arithmetic functions and play games

2.       Home-receive personal calculator they can keep.



What items are needed?

For each teacher

1.       Overhead calculator

2.       Classroom set of (TI 84 Silver edition or later) calculators (32)

3.       Laptop

4.       Projector

5.       Smartboard

6.       Navigator system

Cost Analysis:

 The estimated cost is embedded in this link.

Potential Funding:

 Submitted to RET Coordinator

Potential Trainers: Texas Instrument