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Piedmont Connect has been working with the Insect Science Museum of California and the Pollinator Posse project in Oakland to develop programs to support the dwindling population of pollinators in our area. Clif Bar recently lent their support to the collaboration with a grant to fund public education and the development of a Pollinator Pathway to bolster habitat. Connect’s portion of the grant will support the ‘fostering’ of caterpillars in classrooms to protect the creatures during a vulnerable life stage and also provide students with the opportunity to work as citizen scientists as they observe, collect and record data about the creatures’ life cycles. Closely observing the transformation of a butterfly through the life stages of egg, pupae and adult is a magical experience not soon forgotten and it is hoped will lead to a commitment toward ongoing stewardship of the natural world. Havens has been acting as the pilot site for this program, which, thanks to Clif Bar, will soon be rolled out to other schools. If you know of any teachers who would be interested in participating, please have them contact Terry Smith at terrysmith@pobox.com.


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