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A Community Group Supporting Local Efforts Toward Environmental Sustainability in Piedmont, California

The Green Garden Ramble
Tour 8 Delightful Sustainable Gardens
Sunday May 22, 2016
10 am to 2 pm

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 to attend - drop-in the day of the tour at
Ramble Headquarters - 121 Fairview Avenue

With drought becoming the new normal in California, wise water use has never been more important.  Join us while we visit beautiful, sustainable gardens that showcase both eye-catching and practical gardening methods.  These stunning and ‘green’ gardens will delight you with their creative palates, structures and whimsy.  

The Ramble will highlight a variety of approaches to creating gardens that are sensitive to our water and wildlife, with a focus on California natives and other Mediterranean-climate plants that attract beneficial insects and pollinators. Get inspired by local gardeners who have created dynamic hardscapes using traditional and repurposed ornaments. Expand your garden horizons by seeing what other Piedmonters have done to create enticing kitchen gardens and incorporated even chickens and bees.


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