Connect Field Experiences

Parent Volunteers
Please click on the link for a full description of the 2017/18 Field Experiences and the volunteering opportunities.

Parents, we sincerely appreciate volunteer support on all of our field excursions in order to ensure that they are able to continue to take place. In particular, we require additional supervision on our trips involving cycling. We welcome your support, even if you are not working directly with your child's class. Please email Dean Schmeichel and/or John Cadman if you are available and interested in volunteering for any of the finalized trips listed below.

In order to further develop physical literacy among students at Connect, and in an effort to encourage students to extend their learning through interaction with professionals and experts outside of our school community, we have integrated two full-day field experiences for all students this year. Each field experience is geared toward providing students with introductory experiences to opportunities accessible in the Calgary area. We are hoping to provide 3 experiences for each class.  An overview of the trips are included below.