Karen (Board) Moran and Nick Moran are retired educators who live in Casas Adobes, Arizona (suburban Tucson).  Both worked as teachers in Wisconsin and Massachusetts.  They retired in 2005 and moved to Arizona.   Both sons remain in  New England, USA, with their families.   The research was done as a gift to their sons and wives and the grandchildren so they know and understand the importance of their heritage.  The primary researcher is Karen.  Nick also does research and runs the web page.

This website was built so all relatives could have access to the information we have been able to find over the past twelve years.  We've been to many county courthouses, graveyards, churches, government offices, farm sites, cities and towns all over America and Europe.  

Many of the photographs you view on this website were taken by us or have been shared by our families, citations for photos from other sources can be seen by simply "rolling over" the mouse pointer on the pictures on web pages or in the picture gallery. Most records were purchased either directly from govenment agencies or obtained through Ancestry.Com membership.  Interviews were conducted with relatives in many of the families and transcribed into permanent records.  We maintain rights to all information gathered and have it available for inspection upon request.  Records and photos are organized in 23 large three-ringed notebooks by family and are stored in Casas Adobes. 

Contributions of pictures and documents, many originals, also have been given to us by relatives and we appreciate their trust.    


                         Our best regards and we hope you enjoy the web site.
Karen Board Moran and Nick Moran
Casas Adobes,   Arizona

This web site is designed around four main families.  We have made every effort to show connections where we can.   Not all reports are complete because of lack of current information either in public or private domain.  Requests have gone out for information and some have responded.       

The Direct Descendants pages are specific to the Karen and Nick Moran family for the benefit of our children and grandchildren.  While you may be interested in looking at them, they may have little importance to your genealogy.

Reading a genealogy report can be confusing for some.   We are beginning to write narratives that we hope will tie the reports together in a briefer manner.   Come back from time to time to see if a narrative has been constructed for your family and it may help you understand the family better. 




   Family trees are based on current information available at the time of posting on the web page.   If you have updates or corrections use the like above to send those directly to the researcher.
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