Cegar Primary School, Nis, Serbia

Ms. Ana Zivkovic's class at Cegar Primary School, Nis, Serbia
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This is the main entrance to our school, and below is our class in front of the mural everyone sees first when they come to the school yard.Teacher Ljiljana is on the left, she teaches general subjects, and our English teacher Ana is on the right.

In the main hall, there is a big trophy shelf, and on the opposite side there is a fountain.The trophies displayed were won by our school sports teams in volleyball, handball, basketball, soccer, table tennis, chess...
This is the hallway and our classroom. In this photo we are waving to the astronauts, hoping they would answer our question on March 14th in #LiveFromSpace show on National Geographic Channel.

This is our gym, and in this photo we are having a dance class demonstration.

This wall has three symbols of the battle against the Turks in 1809. and our school was named after one of them. The symbols are - The Skull Tower, the hero Stevan Sindjelic and the monument that was built after the battle on the nearby hill where the battle was fought. Our school has the same name as the hill - Čegar (pronounced Chegar).

Ana Živković,
Mar 8, 2014, 3:43 PM