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ohio family law attorney
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Samuel D. McKee
Samuel D. McKee
Company E, 151st Ohio Infantry His biography says 157th but according to records he and his brothers were in Company E, 151st Ohio Infantry. Page 440 and 441 of: Portrait and biographical album of Marshall County, Kansas: containing full page portraits and biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens of the county, together with portraits and biographies of all the governors of the state, and of the Presidents of the United States, Chapman Bros., 1889. SAMUEL D. MCKEE, lawyer and real estate dealer in Frankfort, is one of its best known citizens. He was born in Tuscarawas County, Ohio, April 17, 1831. His grandfather, James McKee, a native of Ireland, died at New Cumberland, in 1864, aged seventy-seven. His wife died three years later at the same age. Their son Robert, father of our subject, formed one of a family of six children, and was reared upon the farm. He was married, in Hagerstown, Md., to Sarah Dunlap, a native of Ohio, and daughter of Samuel Dunlap, of German descent. He made farming his life work, but engaged for a short time in mercantile business. He also learned cabinet-making, at which he worked in connection with farming. He was for several years Justice of the Peace, and County Commissioner of Crawford County, Ohio. He was a member of the Presbyterian Church. In his earlier years he belonged to the Whig party, and after its abolition was a Republican. He had a family of ten children, of whom our subject was the second. Alfred is a famer and, with his family, is now living in Westmoreland, Kan.; Ann died before attaining the age of twenty years; James and his family reside in Allen County, Ohio, where he is engaged in farming; Robert W. is a retired farmer, who with his wife and children, resides in Ft. Wayne, Ind.; Jane is the wife of John Caldwell, whose sketch occupies another page of this Album, and lives southwest of Frankfort; John C. was engaged in mining at Crystal Spring, Colo., where he died in 1880, being about thirty-five years of age and unmarried; Leonard V. is cashier of the State Bank of Frankfort; he was Mayor of the city in 1887, and has been Clerk, Treasurer, Assessor, and Trustee of Rock Township, in which he resided for several years; he married Miss Jane B. Blaire, a native of Ohio, Leeta is the wife of I. M. Bloomquist, who is engaged in tailoring in Frankfort; they have no children; Martha was the wife of Daniel Schaaf, and died in 1878. Our subject was reared on a farm, and remained in agricultural employments until twenty-five years of age. He then engaged in general merchandising in Beaver Dam, Ohio, in which business he continued four years. He also ran a sawmill during that time. In August, 1864, he enlisted in the 100-day service, joining Company E, 157th Ohio Infantry, and was on duty at Washington, D. C. He was Captain of his company, in which his brother, R. W., was a corporal, L. V., a private, and A. J., First Sergeant. In 1871 our subject came to Frankfort, where he began the study of law, and was admitted to the bar in 1878. He practices in all the courts, both State and United States. For several years before his admission to the bar he was engaged in collections and real estate business, which he still carries on in connection with his legal practice. Mr. McKee was married, in Beaver Dam, Ohio, Aug. 9, 1854, to Miss Cynthia Ann Edgecomb. She and her parents were natives of the Buckeye State. She died Oct. 31, 1864, in Beaver Dam. She had been the mother of five children: William, who died in infancy in 1856, and a son and three daughters who survive to mourn her loss. Charles E. married Miss Frances McCannon, and is engaged in the butcher business in Frankfort; Martha A. is the wife of Henry W. Hawk, of Frankfort, and the mother of two children; Sarah J., wife of Edward Davis, amiller, of Concordia, has four children; Emma married A. D. Hall, who is engaged in the livery business at Bluffton, Ohio, and has one child. The second wife of our subject was Rosanna, daughter of James Reeves, to whom he was married at Sima Dain, Sept. 18, 1865. She bore him one child, Ammadilla, who died at the age of fifteen years. Oct. 18, 1869, Mr. McKee was a third time married, the bride being Emma J., daughter of Willis Bird. She bore her husband five children. Lillian and one unnamed died in infancy; Ellen, Samuel and Ada E., are still at home. Mr. McKee has been a member since 1862 of Frankfort Lodge No. 67 A. F. & A. M. He has been a Republican ever since there was such a party, and has been delegate to the county conventions and member of county Central Committees. He has been very prominent in municipal affairs, having been City Clerk for four years and City Attorney for the same period. He is a man of shrewdness in business, with an intelligent and legal mind, firm principles, and is a man of mark in the city which he has made his home.
Carroll County Common Pleas Court sentances Garrison in death case.
Carroll County Common Pleas Court sentances Garrison in death case.
Edward L. Hale News Leader/Mr. Thrifty News Correspondent Alliance man sentenced in Carroll County death case Carroll County Common Pleas Court Judge Dominick Olivito, held the fate of Dennis William Garrison, 38, of 454 West Columbia St. Alliance, in his hands Jan 9, 2008 as Garrison and his attorney Ryan Styer sat in the courtroom for change of plea and sentencing. Garrison, caused the death of his six-year-old nephew, Seth Garrison, while operating an ATV which he crashed near Perrysville, south of Carrollton on May 8, 2007 in Perry Twp. It was reported at the time an alleged deer was crossing in front of his path while he was operating the ATV with his nephew. Seth Garrison was thrown off from the ATV and was not wearing a helmet when the ATV crashed. The boy died from massive brain injuries and massive hemorrhaging of the brain. Garrison had a suspended drivers license at the time. Garrison was secretly indicted back on July 9 by a Carroll County grand jury on one count of aggravated vehicular homicide, a 2nd degree felony. Garrison was indicted a second time on Nov 5 by a Carroll County grand jury on one count of aggravated vehicular homicide, when new evidence was presented. According to Carroll County Prosecutor Donald R. Burns Jr it was alleged that Garrison was driving with a prohibited concentration of marijuana in his system. Attorney Styer presented statement to the court that " Dennis struggles with the remorse along with fears and understands that nothing can bring Seth back. " Garrison was asked by Judge Olivito if her understood the nature of the offense. Styer remarked " My client fully understands the nature of the offense and is here today to change his plea. " Garrison waived his right to have a jury trail and changed his plea from Not Guilty to a change of Guilty. Judge Olivito accepted the change of plea and advised Garrison that the maximum sentence he could face would be 2-8 years with a maximum of $15,000 fine. Garrison was permitted to make a statement during the proceedings and as tears rolled down his face, he turned to the victims family and apologized for the loss of Seth. Judge Olivito sentenced Garrison to four years in Ohio Department of Corrections prison, along with eight years license suspension on the aggravated vehicular homicide charge, 2nd degree felony. Judge Olivito made one final statement to Garrison before court was adjourned. " You are permitted to spend the rest of the day with your sister and that by noon Jan 10, you are turn yourself in at the Carroll County Sheriff's Office. If you fail to do so you will be facing another charge." Garrison had remained free from jail on a $50,000 own recognize bond from the court until his change of plea and sentencing. Garrison will be able to file for judicial release 180 days after his prison terms begins. ** Photos taken by Edward L. Hale 01-09-2008 ** Photos are of Attorney Ryan Styer (L) and Garrison (R)

ohio family law attorney