Why Use Us!

Some design professionals are best at one thing - Designing.
Some building owners are better at one thing - Owning buildings.
Some general contractors and construction managers are good at - Building.
Some building inspectors have a real strength - Inspecting.

It's foolhardy for any of us in the construction industry to think we are the best at everything and we often pay the penalty for that immodesty and lack of humility.

A great building or a capital investment isn't worth much if you have difficulties getting out of the ground because of compliance problems with land use regulations and delayed building permits because of building code violations or lack of compliance information on the drawings and specifications.

We can provide an objective review of your project to determine if it is substantially in compliance with applicable codes, regulations, standards and ordinances. We can flag problem areas, individual violations, and even offer suggestions for changes to facilitate compliance.

If the problems crop up during construction we can be of assistance by performing inspections and recommending alternative means to comply with codes.

Our Experience Shows!

Greg Grew is known throughout the state of Connecticut as a trustworthy, objective, honest and straightforward construction professional. He has been on all sides of the industry- design professional, general contractor, construction manager, and building official, giving him a unique perspective and understanding of the problems that can arise and how to find practical solutions.