We have a very nice site for a chess tournament.  It is near the UConn campus in Storrs.

There is no rent.  But, as per requirements of the hosting site, we cannot charge entry fees.

The tournament must award prizes otherwise too few people attend.   

So, we are in search of a sponsor(s) to donate $200 to conduct our next free tournament in Storrs.

I can volunteer all my work to get this done, but I cannot continue as the sponsor.

A free tournament awarding $100-1st and $50-2nd, would work nicely. 

Another $50 is needed to pay the various tournament expenses.

The sponsor selects the name for the event.

Rob Roy


I will be approaching various organizations and institutions

for possible sponsorship for the Storrs Center Chess Club's

program of free USCF-Chess tournaments.

It would help to have referrals (instead of my cold-calling)

 so if anybody can help us with this please contact;