Rob Roy

In January 1976, Rob Roy founded Waterbury Chess Club. at Salvation Army Citadel.   For 25 years he wrote a weekly chess column Waterbury Sunday Republican newspaper.
With regular reports in his newspaper column, his clubs quickly became very popular. Rob ran a weekly club Wolcott Recreationran a weekly class Wolcott Adult Education.

Rob was chess instructor at Waterbury Community Schools, an extended day program for economically and educationally disadvantaged children at four schools.

Rob conducted many free public events.  He ran Silas Bronson Chess Club and Greater Waterbury Computer Users Group.

Technology Update was a cable television show by Rob Roy and the Hungerford family of Oakville Connecticut.
Rob acquired a massive cafeteria in downtown Hartford for several national  events, served as a tournament director.
Rob conducted chess tournament director training. More than a dozen apprentices became USCF Certified TD's.  

Chuck Bennett, a young man with Sickle Cell Anemia disease, graduated this program, and worked as an assistant with Rob for many years.

Connecticut State Chess Assoc. elected Rob Roy president 10 times.  New England Chess Association president, USCF Regional Vice-Pres., Asst Editor Chess Horizons.
Rob ran 300+ USCF tournaments in Hartford, New Haven, Waterbury, Danbury, Southington, New London, Wesleyan University Middletown.

Rob has worked with many institutions to host and sponsor chess events;  libraries, churches, hotels, schools, colleges, parks, companies, convention centers, rec. centers, rehab. centers, and fraternal organizations.
1990 Bushnell Cup  Rob's best event. 1-day Action-Chess (G/30) 88 players. 7 GMs, 5 IMs, 10 masters.  

Rob instituted statewide rating system for G/5 Chess, and for G/30 Chess before term Action-Chess.
Rob ran Chess Horizons BBS bulletin board system with free; downloads, world chess news, and a "door" to play chess with others.

Rob befriended Joe Bitto of Waterbury, a young man with Lou Gehrig's disease.  Rob gave Joe a PC and modem.   Joe Bitto wrote his life story for Rob to publish on the Internet.  His family were all reunited as a result.

Rob recruited 142 new USCF members 1998 and won 2nd nationallly.  Rob ran booth World Games Show at Hartford Civic Center
CCM was first Rob's columns glued down to make master for printer shop.  Desktop Publishing got invented, Rob donated $1,400 for HP-4 laser printer.  
CCM became a 24 page booklet mailed 1000+ bi-monthly.  CCM is now online only except April 2013 Rob donated $500 and labor to mail to 400+ USCF in Conn.

I worked as a substitute teacher and tutor for 3+ years in the state of Connecticut. At the time, circa 2004, I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Roy. He is a consummate professional in the gaming industry, and his professional contributions to the games of chess and backgammon over the years are limitless. Mr. Roy is a dedicated individual who I would recommend highly to anyone in the industry.

John C. Retarides, MSA

Connecticut Chess Magazine